How To Hang Curtains Without A Hitch

Useful Hints And Advice For Curtain Poles

Curtains are notoriously tricky to install, and nobody knows this better than us. To put it mildly, it is annoying to drag out the ladder, take measurements, drill into the wall, and find out your curtain rods need to be aligned.

Fortunately, there are quicker methods for hanging curtains that take a few minutes. You've come to the perfect spot if you rent an apartment or need a fast solution for hanging curtains.

Read any included instructions before installing or hanging a curtain, and then use the following advice for a proper fit. Don't rush! Make sure you have the appropriate tools for the work as well. Above all, thoroughly planning the task is essential, and taking your time might save you time! Clear the area, move furniture out of the way, and take everything off the window sill before installing curtain poles. Then, read below and comprehend these creative ways to hang curtains advice. Next, gather your tools!

What Length Must The Pole Be?


A curtain pole should reach 15 cm above each side's window width. This is potentially arbitrary and is affected by objects in the vicinity of the window. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb, the pole should extend beyond the window recess on each side by roughly 15-20 centimetres (or 6-8 inches). And about the window opening, it needs to be fitted symmetrically.

In some instances, hiring a professional to instal your curtain poles is necessary. Double verify where end brackets could go and take extra caution if light switches or electrical outlets are less than 30 cm (1 foot) from the window. You can also try oxford homeware blackout curtains poles.

Measuring Advice For Curtain Pole

It is advised that you use a tape measure made of metal because of its precision and user-friendliness.

  • Always double-check your measurements, and note them down as you go.
  • Use a step ladder or a stable chair to increase your safety; do not reach too far; you will need assistance with huge windows and long poles.
  • Having someone hold the opposite end of the measuring tape helps assure precision while taking measurements.
  • Take this measurement and record if there isn't much room above your window for repair. Check the bracket depth to ensure your selected product will fit in the area above your window opening.
  • A smaller finial might be preferable if there is little room on either side of the window. The segment of the whole length comes in last, although it is certainly not the least.
  • An extension bracket is required if your pole will be used to hang curtains with wave heads or widely separated eyelets. This is also required to guarantee appropriate space between the pole and the wall if your window sill protrudes excessively.

How To Install A Curtain Pole

Our recommendation is for an easy and secure fit. Use this as a reference; the instructions with your pole or track should be different.

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Putting Safety First

You will have to drill into a wall to accommodate your pole or track, so you must ensure there are no pipes or wires nearby before you begin. Use a cable detector to scan the area if you still determine where any piping or wires are located.

Step 1: Measure the size of your curtain track or pole

Measure the window recess width before taking measurements for a pole or track fitting. To enable your drapes to block any light completely, your fitting should reach outward by approximately 15 cm on each side, so increase your recess size by 30 cm. Your pole has to be this wide.

Curtain Tracks

If you do not want to be able to view any of the fittings and fixtures that are located above the curtain, a curtain track is the best option.

  • They are available in lengths of approximately 450 centimetres and are straightforward to snip to the desired dimensions.
  • Bay windows benefit from tracks because they may be curved to fit the alcove.
  • You must instal curtains with heading tapes that use curtain hooks to fasten to the rail. Opt for pencil pleat headers.

Curtain Pole

Choose a curtain pole if you want to view the top of the curtain pole beyond the top of the curtains.

  • They range from 100 to 400 cm, with extensible poles being the most versatile.
  • There are a variety of patterns and finishes accessible to choose from to complement the aesthetic of your space, and each end has a beautiful finish.
  • Eyelet curtains, tab tops, and pencil pleat curtains are all suitable options for hanging from a drape pole.

Step 2: Determine the location of your pole or track's centre.

It is necessary to locate the middle of your window to get a pole or track that is centred or to retake the necessary measurements for the centre bracket if your curtain pole demands it. The simplest method to measure this is to divide the width of your window by two. 

  • Mark the centre of the wall with a pencil using a measuring tape.
  • Since most poles or tracks are placed 12–15 cm above the top of the window, indicate the location of this distance from the centre.

Step 3: Determine the end bracket size.

  • Curtain poles typically need two brackets at each end of the pole, spaced 10 cm apart.
  • To place these, go back to Step 1 for the overall width measurement, and then use your tape measure to indicate the beginning and ending positions on the wall. After that, mark a position 10 centimetres from each endpoint.
  • More brackets, adequately spaced, are often needed for curtain tracks. Your instructions will specify how far apart these two spots should be.
  • Use a spirit or laser level to check that your marks are level and parallel to your ceiling to verify that your pole or track is straight.

Step 4: Adjust your brackets and attach the pole or track.

  • Drill holes for the brackets at every spot that has been designated; the drill bit width needed will be specified in your instructions. Use the right bit for the type of substance you are drilling into by being careful.
  • Attach your brackets with a screwdriver after adding the wall plugs, often included with curtain pole/track kits. Examine them again to ensure they are appropriate for the substance you are drilling into.
  • You may attach your pole or track to the brackets and position it as directed. You might need a screwdriver for this.

Tips And Advice For Installing Curtain Poles

  • Mark the locations of your fittings with a pencil so they are easy to remove.
  • Use caution while removing the pole and fittings from the packing. Prevent damaging the contents by not using a sharp object. Set the fittings and compare them to the fitting instructions you will get in the package to ensure you have all the necessary ones.
  • Before you begin, remove any decorations from the window sill and cover your rugs and furniture to prevent brick dust from spreading by the drill.
  • To avoid shattering tiles, using a tile drill bit is advised without a hammer setting while drilling through them.
  • After installing the brackets, placing the pole without the curtains is a good idea, and stepping back to ensure everything appears okay from a distance. If your flooring or ceilings are uneven, pay attention to this.
  • Vacuuming the area as soon as you have installed the brackets can prevent stains on your curtains when you hang them.
  • If you're installing the pole into the wood, you may use wood screws to attach the brackets after drilling a tiny hole with a bradawl.
  • Place your pole 8 to 12 cm above the window frame if you are installing it across the front of the window, and your curtains are not the determining factor in this measurement. This is often the most popular position since it prevents the curtain header tape from being seen from the outside and reduces light seepage when the curtains are drawn during the day.
  • If you already have curtains, keep them in mind since, at this stage, repositioning the pole above the window opening saves you a lot of time from having to re-hem the bottoms of the curtains.
  • A hacksaw is the tool of choice when cutting poles to a shorter length.
  • Use a detector if you need clarification about the placement of pipes or wires.

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It can be easy to install a curtain pole, but if you need more confidence, have a professional do it. Please get in touch with a professional right once if the curtain is extremely heavy, has a drop or breadth of more than 3 meters, or if the fitting area is constrained.