Flooring becomes simple & elegant with contemporary rugs. They are worthy of treasure as an exquisite interior element. They support your crafted windows, sofas, and other accessories making them look exceptionally beautiful. They harmonize with the interior of your place and make it look classier & appealing. Moreover, rugs hide your weary floor & protect it from further damage as well. Living room rugs are made from various fabric materials including synthetic & natural fibers. They can be made by hand and by sophisticated machines. So it’s the best time to treat your floor with the rugs & make it look prettier.

      If you are currently looking for rugs, oxford home ware’s rugs are the investment. The high-quality, durable, & tightly woven fibers make our rugs the best go-to option. Our rugs are made from high-quality yarn & processed on power looms offering you perfect finishing. Our rugs are super soft, comfortable, fluffy, & offer a soft pile. They create soft and warm flooring for you to walk on. Despite all these qualities, we are offering the rugs at affordable rates so that you do not have to stress your budget for making the purchase. Additionally, our rugs are easy to buy throughout the UK.

      Here’s why you should shop from Oxford Homeware?

      We are professional manufacturers who have been working in the industry for years. We consist of a team of designers, professional manufacturers, experts, & many creative coworkers. All working together & putting all possible efforts to bring you something new & exciting that goes well with the changing trends.  Moreover, we offer an easy and hassle-free buying process for our valued clients. Our products come with 100% original product details, which help you know more about products, making the selection process easier. You can contact our team for more queries & product details, we are available 24/7 to answer your queries & help you choose the best products to treat your place.

      As for the rugs, we have an extensive range of beautiful and colorful rugs for making your floor prettier and warmer than ever. We offer the following features when it comes to our rugs:

      High-quality Fabric content: we use 100% original polypropylene for making our rugs. 

      Available Rugs types: we offer all the latest and trending intricate designs that add a high-end look to whether laid in the bedroom or in the living rooms. We offer rectangular Havana, luxurious & soft plain, fruit matand shaggy rugs.

      Available rugs categories: We have rugs belonging to all categories and sufficient to fulfill your needs. We offer both indoor & outdoor rugs with beautiful patterns & reliable colors that do not fade away. We offer mats, runners, bedroom rugs, living room rugs, Ouranos rugs, dining room rugs, multi rugs, & carpets of top-notch quality.

      Available rug sizes: we understand well that not all places need the same size rugs thereby, we offer you a wide range of sizes varying from 40 x 60 to 240 x 320.