Duvets Togs


      Duvets are tick and are widely used in cold and chilly areas. They help to block the cold air and provide warmth to the body. Thus making the body warm and providing you with comfortable sleep.

      Duvets are used just like the comforters and are laid on the bed like them. They have three layers, the top most and the bottom layer is made of plain cotton or Egyptian cotton fabric material mostly. The inner layer is also called the padding or filling. It is usually of duck or goose feathers, wool, cotton, microfibers, and hollow fibers. The duvets can be classified as the ones made of synthetic material and natural materials. The synthetic duvets are useful for hypoallergenic and asthma patients. The tog rating measures the duvets’ warmth. Togs is the unit of tog rating; it refers to the insulation provided by the duvets. 

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