Shaggy Rugs


      Shaggy rugs have always been trending for centuries. They are thick and dense and have noodles like a pile. They appear soft and comfortable with a uniform texture. Shaggy rugs are durable as well, they last longer even for years. Shaggy rugs make the place cosy and warm absorbing the chilly winds inside your place. They have a rubber back that prevents slipping and keeps the rug in place.  Moreover, shaggy rugs are Eco-friendly and fire-resistant. Shaggy rugs also absorb noise and help you create a quieter and peaceful place. If you are currently looking for the shaggy rugs for your place, Oxford Homeware is the best online store to visit. We have an extensive collection of shaggy rugs at our store.

      These rugs come in various colors, sizes, and designs. Our professional manufacturers design the rugs under their close watch to ensure the high quality of the rugs. Once these shaggy rugs are made, they are passed through and inspected for quality check. We also offer an easy buying process, from our website you can buy the desired shaggy rugs in a few clicks only. Keep on reading to find out what we offer when it comes to our shaggy rugs…

      High-quality raw material & sophisticated processing techniques: Our shaggy rugs are made on power looms using 100% pure polypropylene yarn. This whole processing is supervised by our qualified and professional manufacturers. This results in tightly woven, soft, and thickly piled shaggy rugs. The pile is unlikely to shed and retain its texture even after the heavy traffic and excessive use. Plus, our shaggy rugs look appealing and luxurious when laid appropriately.

      Available colors: we add dyes at the manufacturing stage so that the fibres hold the dyes in them and make the fading unlikely. We offer ten different colors when it comes to our shaggy rugs. This includes both the vibrant and the neutral hues which greatly help to add a pop of color or neutralize the sharpness of colors as per your needs.

      Available sizes: we offer eight different sizes of shaggy rugs to cease your search for the required size shaggy rug. Our size ranges from 2ftx7.6ft to 5.3ftx7.3ft. Note that these sizes are approximate.

      So, take your time to look at our shaggy rug’s stock & feel free to place an order. Our team is always available to take your orders.