Mattress Protector


      Oxford Homeware’s Mattress Protectors

      Get your peace of mind that with the improved mattress protection of Oxford Homeware's mattress protector your sleep space is healthy and safe. Because it offers everything you may expect from a mattress cover!

      What does our Mattress Protector offer?

      Hyper engineered fabric offers built-in odor management as well as antibacterial defense to help Prevent odors and bacteria's that cause stains, mold, fungus, parasites, microbes, as well as other pathogens from developing, enabling you to experience a healthy and safe night's sleep. 

      To avoid fluids from bubbling up into the mattress and shield it from harming leaks and bruises, each mattress cover is water-resistant.

      For an inexpensive, premium quality mattress cover, this waterproof Mattress protector is the ideal option. It is weatherproof, noise-free, and antibacterial. For added warmth, the upper layer is constructed of smooth and sturdy microfiber and also has 100 percent hollow-fill fiber.

      Why Choose us?

      Comfort: Have the standard mattress cover known for its durability; this classic protector offers security and relaxation to make your sleep nice and quiet making you enjoy your bedtime.

      Exclusive design & Size: Manufacturing fabric allows the airflow to give you a good night's rest, the flexible design comfortably suits up to 25 to 30 cm deep mattresses. They are ideal for personal use as well as for guest rooms. We also offer you king size mattress protector,  double mattress protector, and single mattress covers. In short, we've got you covered whatever your needs are!

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