Although the cushions are only a small part of your interior design, they play a significant role. They enhance the look of your place and turn it to the modern and elegant one.

      When it comes to design the bedroom or the living room, cushions play an essential role. They add softness to the present look and make it look more appealing. In addition to that, they help in creating comfortable seating and provide comfort and warmth to your back.

      This warmth helps you in relaxing yourself and get fresh. Cushions vary greatly in size, some are small in size while some are big enough to cover the whole sofa, such cushions are called the throw pillows. So, add a modern look to your place just by throwing the cushions randomly and adopt the principle of minimalism and do not overdo. 

      To buy the cushions UK online, come to Oxford Homeware in the first place.  We deliver cushions throughout the UK. We have a wide range of cushions in our stock. Our cushions are soft, fluffy, and very comfortable.

      They help to add a soft touch to your place and make your sofas more fluffy and soft. We use high-quality fabric materials for making the cushion covers, which help them to stand out and help you relax. Our batting or filling material us of high quality too. Continue reading to find more about the features of our cushions...

      Features of Oxford Homeware's cushions

      Fabric material and the filling material:  we use high quality organic and synthetic materials for making the cushion covers, which help to make them soft. We use cotton, Egyptian cotton, linen, and polyester for making the cushion covers.

      As for the padding, we use synthetic materials such as microfibers and the hollow fibers. We use organic wool and cotton to fill the cushions as well. The padding is carefully done so that it creates a uniform texture overall. 

      Color schemes and designs: we have an exciting range of rich and vibrant color schemes that will bring life to your place and make it look more appealing and lively. Our stock has almost all the colors, including both the neutral and the vibrant ones. We have black, white, grey, purple, blue, pink, red, burgundy, green, duck egg, brown, coffee, cream, and orange cushions at our store. 

      As for the designs, we offer the latest and trending designs comprising jacquard, 3D, animated, floral, embossed, and pattern cushions. We also offer a couple of cushions for our lovely couples. 

      Easily maintainable:  our cushions do not need special care, you can wash them like regular clothing items in the washing machine. Avoid using harsh detergents and bleaching agents to maintain their texture. 

      Other functionalities: our cushions are very functional, you can use them anywhere in the house. You can add our cushions into bedrooms, living rooms, kids' rooms, drawing rooms, sun-rooms, and dining chairs. 

      Feel free to shop anytime!