Avoid Common Curtain Mistakes That Will Make Your Windows Look Terrible

 One of the most excellent or worst additions to your space might be curtains. When used effectively, they provide your decor with a "wow" element and a polished appearance. They might be the cherry on top of a beautifully decorated cake. When they're at their worst, they can be ugly and detract from the rest of your design.

Like a beautiful, well-dressed woman who wears significantly "too-small jeans," a charming room ruined by cheap draperies can make or break the impression made by the rest of the It makes everything else seem worthless, draws undue attention to itself, and unsettles others. We addressed the issue by discussing some of the most common errors people make when selecting and installing curtains. Because many homeowners (and displeased curtains) were in need, we thought it was time to update the post with some fresh advice.

1: Too Low Rod

Let's start with the most frequent errors and how to prevent them. The most typical mistake is to place the rod too close to the floor. The most popular length for ready-made curtains is 84"; thus, customers frequently purchase those. To do this, your drape rod must be hung to flush with the top of the window pane. This significantly reduces the possibilities of your room.

2: Buying Window Treatments That Are Too Short

A light-coloured dining area with a circular jute floor, broad beige draperies, and a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams. Among the biggest typical mistakes is incorrectly determining the required curtain length. We should really take great care to get the curtains just right because they not only appear odd when they are too long or short, but they also won't effectively block out light.

3: Insufficient Curtains

This error happens a lot. Curtains hanging a few inches above the floor or reaching the window sill's bottom look odd. It discontinues in all the incorrect locations. Please don't act in this manner.

4: Picking a Pattern That Doesn't Fit the Ambiance of the Room

Imagine a living room decorated in a bohemian manner with plenty of soft furniture in geometric patterns, such as grey patterned curtains. Your choice of a design that contrasts with the rest of your room may make your curtains appear out of place. The curtains or drapes you choose should help to unify the room without being too similar to other designs or materials used elsewhere.

Imagine a living room decorated in a bohemian manner with plenty of soft furniture in geometric patterns, such as grey patterned curtains. Your choice of a design that contrasts with the rest of your room may make your curtains appear out of place. The curtains or drapes you choose should help to unify the room without being too similar to other designs or materials used elsewhere.

5: Choosing The Wrong Kind Of Curtain

The degree of light a curtain emits might vary. All of the light is blocked by blackout curtains. Curtains that block off light allow in some light. On the other hand, sheer curtains let in practically all of the light and offer very little privacy, whereas Light Filtering curtains let in a lot of light while maintaining seclusion.

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6: Curtains That Have No Function

This point may seem unimportant in the context of specific errors. Indeed curtains serve their fundamental functions whether you think about them or not. However, our curtains have distinct functions in certain rooms.

Consider the example of a curtain for a bedroom. Your curtains, like shower curtains, are primarily used in this space to block out light. However, you might prefer window curtains that let in light while offering seclusion in a living room facing the street. Refraining from considering the drapes' intended purpose is a common mistake. Unwanted light shining on your technology is annoying and can lower productivity. Unwanted light on your computer or TV screen is one of our most frequent problems.

7: Inadequate Curtain Fittings

Curtains and drapes consist of much more than just the fabric that hangs in your window; they also include poles, rails, rings, hooks, and holdbacks. It's crucial to select hardware that complements your drapes' look and the room as a whole. Consider painting a wooden curtain pole in vivid turquoise, orange, or pink if you like plenty of vibrant and dramatic colours.

How To Prevent Them - Solutions

Purchasing The Correct Size

The room will look much more spacious if you place the curtain rod at eye level or just a few feet over the window. You just won't see a curtain hanging directly over the window in a well-designed space. Therefore, purchasing 96" length curtains like this is the first step to making your curtains appear lovely. You can always get them hemmed for a few dollars if they are too long for your room.

Take Accurate Length Measurements

But how long should curtains indeed be when it comes to how to measure them? Curtains that are too long are delicate, but those that are too short should be replaced immediately.

Curtains should always fall to the floor, and if you want to add a little more grandeur, you can let them pool by increasing the predicted drop by a few inches. You should have your curtains created to measure for the ideal measurements, but if you discover that the curtains you already own are too short, you can modify your fixture. If your curtains are falling too short, you can lower the pole or track, which is one of the beauties of curtains—choosing a roman blind if you prefer curtains that don't reach the floor.

Choose a curtain length that is just below the sill if there is a heater or other object beneath the window, for example. This is preferable to the other conventional choice, which hangs just over the sill because it will continue to block out light and draughts from the outside. Your curtains should ideally hang 6 inches or so below your window sill.

Select A Curtain With An Absolutist Design

Consider clashing patterns like floral drapes against a striped wallpaper background or bright paint for an opulent and maximalist design. Choose a simple cloth that matches your decor for a more subdued and understated appearance.

It will look garish and overpowering to select vibrantly printed curtains for a space with a neutral colour scheme. Like sheer curtains, strong-coloured, bold décor will be thrown off balance by sheer curtains. Think of your curtains as any other design or décor component; they must fit.
On the other hand, choosing drapes that blend in too much with the room's other soft furnishings is to be avoided. A cheap and uninspired sensation may result from this.

Get Suitable Window Coverings

Make sure you purchase the appropriate level for the area. Generally, you want light filtering or sheer for everywhere else and room darkening or blackout for your bedroom. Don't compromise usability for aesthetics.

Constantly Be Aware Of Why Curtains Are Being Added

Simply closing the drapes is challenging when lighting a home office because you also want to use natural light. Where your research comes in is at this point. Voile curtains are fashionable and sheer and allow natural light to enter your space while, most importantly, preventing glare. To make sure your curtains are made to fit the requirements of your room, factors like these should always be taken into account.

Choosing The Correct Curtain Fittings

If your living room has an industrial atmosphere, choose brass holdbacks for a unified curtain theme or matt black steel for an even more contemporary appearance. To create a delicate, traditional atmosphere, choose linen tiebacks, or determine holdbacks are not for you. Simply consider your options before acting.

You should also consider the usefulness of the hardware that is employed in your window treatments. You must pick a pole or rail that can support the weight of your draperies or curtains. Because they utilise more fabric to enhance fullness and are frequently lined, custom drapes are substantially heavier than store-bought curtains. With the weight of custom draperies, a telescopic rod will typically need to be more robust and sag in the middle. However, custom rods are made of sturdy, solid material, typically iron or steel, and are cut to the precise length required.

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What Comes Next?

You should go out and buy some drapes for your space, so now you understand how to use them properly! Curtains ought to be viewed as a home improvement investment. They are made nicely and will survive many years if lined with high-quality fabrics. Oxford Homeware is dedicated to providing you with the best selection in a variety of styles, with an emphasis on the high standards and opulent appearance of your home.