Privacy Policy

The “Oxford Homeware” owns this website.

In this privacy policy, terms like “we”, “our”, & “Oxford Homeware” refer to the Oxford Homeware. Whereas, the words like “you”, “your”, & “users” refer to all the users & visitors of the site. Oxford Homeware understands your concern about privacy & assures you that we take your privacy as our main concern. For protecting your privacy, we explain our online practices & information to all the users so that you know the available choices you can make while providing your information. Our policies also state how your data is collected & used by us for various purposes. 

For Further info & queries, please contact us at Our team is always working on your queries in order to provide you with the solutions & information about your relevant question.

What information Oxford Homeware collects?

We aim to provide you with a protected environment where you can enjoy the best shopping experience & provide your information without being worried of privacy or information stealing. Our website is designed by the professionals so that you can navigate through various sections easily & find the required products in no time. All the information you provide on our site is an effort to improve our products & offer you the reliable & satisfactory customer services. 

We collect the information of two types;

  1. Automatic Anonymous Information (AAI)
  2. Personally Identified Information (PII)

We treat both Automatic Anonymous Information & Personally Identified Information differently,below is described how Oxford Homeware uses this information for its visitors.

Automatic Anonymous Information (AAI)

The Automatic Anonymous Information is collected through the various categories you click, use, stay on for a certain time, & view. This information is not based on your identity but basically about how you use our site?

This info comprises the products you viewed from our catalogue recently, viewing recently, the URL you are using to access it, your IP address, type of internet browser you are using, & the items you view in a sequence. 

We use this info to design our site & make it functionally better, improve our email communication & other modes through which you can contact us in order to serve you the way you deserve! 

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

This information is specifically about you, this is based on the information you provide us such as your name, email address, phone number, billing id & address, shipping info, & other personal information you provide. You provide this information at various levels while visiting our site. You provide this info in the form of comments, feedback, review, & opinions. Through this info we, the Oxford Homeware contact you. 

We also use this info to design & access certain products, improve their features & offer you better quality. This info also helps us to design survey forms, improve our refund & return policies, privacy policies, order taking & delivery services, offer you gifts & design our sales. 

On our site, we have mentioned the info which is mandatory to provide & also which is optional. Mandatory sections must be filled whereas the ones which are optional can be left empty. Note that, if you do not provide us the information you are likely to miss some amazing features & updates. 

How do we use this information?

The collected information is used in the following forms;

Automatic Anonymous Information (AAI)

The automatic anonymous information is used to improve the quality of our products & design our site in order to enhance the user experience & make the shopping more smooth. This info is also used to customize the site, customer services, & internally administrate the site. 


We use the email addresses provided by you to send you promotion & sale requests. This is also used for the advertisement of our products, sending you promotion codes, info about new & featured products. This email address is also used to request you fill the feedback forms & send us your feedback. 

These email addresses are recorded in our data as long as you want, you can request us to remove it whenever you want. You can also visit our site & change the account preferences yourself. 


Our store does not have any in-house advertiser therefore we seek the help from a third-party. This third party may have some other cookies or rules that collect your information differently & aggregate it to help us design our marketing & advertising strategies in order to serve our customers in the best possible way they deserve. 

We guarantee that the info collected by these advertisers is on our behalf specifically & is used for the advertising purpose only. This info is confidential & never disclosed to anyone!

Third-Party Sites

This implies only if you register yourself with our site.  If you use any affiliated site to buy our products, that site may provide your PII such as transactions & yourself to the Oxford Homeware. 

Accessing & updating your info

To edit or change your info, login to our official site anytime. Here you can edit your username, email address, billing info, delivery address, or contact number. All these options are available in the “My Account” section on our official site. 

If you don't know how to edit the info, you can contact our customer support to ask them to change the info. We keep your record as long as we want, therefore, please do not request us to delete your data permanently. This includes the purchase & transaction  history. We will deactivate your info baked on our privacy policy after a certain time. 

This “backup” data is for the “security” purpose only. Please rest assured that the data you provide us will be used for the legal & ethical purposes only. 


Oxford Homeware offers you a secure environment where you can buy the products as per needs without compromising your privacy. Our site is secured by physical as well as electronic means, such as 128-bit encryption & secure socket layers (SSL) to keep your data safe. 

Privacy policy changes 

Oxford Homeware reserves the right to change, edit, delete, modify, and add data to its website at any time. All the changes made will be a part of our system & you will have to accept them in order to keep using the site. You are not notified for all the changes made except the major ones. 

Governing Law

All the terms & conditions & the privacy policy stated above are constructed exclusively according to the instructions of  laws of the United Kingdom. By using our site, you hereby submit & accept all the terms and conditions as per jurisdiction of the law courts of the United Kingdom.