Curtain Poles & Rods


      Oxford Homeware Curtain Poles

      Have you ever looked at your curtains and felt like something was lacking, may be the matching curtain poles!  Curtain poles finish the look of the window treatments and give your old curtains a new life. 

      From our extensive collection of curtain rods and poles, you can choose from gleaming chrome, dazzling satin bronze, charming vintage brass, and much more. If you want a retro vibe with a classic plank of wood or even a more modern or futuristic look with a metallic curtains pole, our set of beautiful curtain poles and tracks will help you find the perfect fit for your space.

      We have an almost limitless variety of poles, such as metal, steel, as well as iron. You'll also find many of the finials, holdbacks, and invisible glide curtain rings you'll require. If you're having trouble, just give us a call one of our customer service people will be happy to assist you with any concerns you might have.

      What Do We offer?

      What’s Included? 1 x Curtain Pole, 2 x 60mm Finials , 2 x Brackets , 12 x Curtain Rings , 1 x Fittings Pack, 1 x Set up instructions leaflet.

      Available Colors: We offer curtain poles in beautiful and trendy colors. These include 5 different colors Antique Brass, Chrome, Brushed Silver, Black Nickel & Matte Black. Note that all of these are durable & withstand the years of use.

      Available Size: Our curtain poles are available in three standard sizes; 70 cm -120 cm (28 inches to 48 Inches), 120 cm - 210 cm (48 Inches to 83 Inches), 160 cm - 300 cm (63 Inches to 118 Inches).

      Finials: These beautifully designed decorative 60mm finials add an elegant touch to your space. This will enhance the overall beauty of the curtains and make your place look eternal. This curtain rod will effortlessly match your interior hardware accessories. However, simple tools are needed to install the whole assembly to the wall. It can be washed with a smooth, moist cloth to make sure it stays fresh for several years.

      Diameter: The diameter of these curtain poles is 28mm. 

      Why Choose Us?

      Oxford Homeware has a wide range of window options. Our curtain rods are a convenient and classic way to dress up your curtains. To ensure longevity, the rods are especially made of metal. It comes in a variety of finishes and finials, all of which are handcrafted to match your personal style. 

      With a three-step assembly process, our rod packages can be installed outside a window pane. When not being used, the removable pieces of this curtain rod set can be easily removed and stored elsewhere. This decorative rod kit can be used to match your indoor space's hardware fixtures. 

      These poles are quick to install and have a three-step installation phase that ensures installing a breeze. It includes all of the necessary installing screws, braces, and brackets. Just Install Brackets & then the Rod and Hang the drapes.