Security Information

Our security system protects you & your information you provide us while shopping from our store. It is done so that you do not have to worry while giving us your personal information. We assure that every transaction you make through your debit card or mastercard at our site is safe. Our systems are end to end encrypted, which means that no unauthorized payment can be made from your side. Also, you will never be asked to pay unauthorized charges in case you pay through credit cards. All of your information (information, addresses, debit card & credit card numbers) is stored using a 128-bit encrypted system protected by industry-standard Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Shopping online at our store is safer than other online stores because our technical experts always keep an eye on every transaction you make & control the system without human interference that makes the chance of error very unlikely. All the information you feed into our system is immediately encrypted to a scrambled message, which is later interpreted by the computers. 

We are sure that after shopping from our site, you will appreciate the security systems used by us!