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Cream Pillow Cases Plain Pair
Cream Pillow Cases Plain Pair
Cream Pillow Cases Plain Pair
Cream Pillow Cases Plain Pair

Cream Pillow Cases Plain Pair

Upgrade your bedding with matching Fitted Sheets And Duvet Covers

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Plain Dyed Cream Pillow Covers are the perfect way to give that modern touch to your bedroom space. These minimalist plain cream pillow cases make a statement on their own, but can also be combined with prints and other coloured pillows. Plain dye pillow cases are made from 100% microfiber fabric that is great for breathability and durability.

This plain cream pillow case coloured and soft texture elegant pillow cover looks perfect on your existing pillows. These pillowcases not only enhance your bedroom freshness but protect your pillows as well. Our plain cream pillow cases are the perfect choice for decorating, protecting and freshening any bedding ensemble.

Enjoy comfortable sleep with these exquisite quality Plain Dyed Pillow Cases.
● Oxford Homeware commits its professionals round the clock to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the delivery of premium quality products.
● We finish these cream plain dyed pillowcases with care and perfection using strong stitching techniques to ensure you receive premium quality combined with high durability.
Oxford Homeware, an emblem of Quality!
● We are committed to delivering luxurious Quality. With the use of excellent quality microfiber, gathered from the world's leading manufacturer to ensure our cream plain dyed pillow covers make you feel royale every time you step into your bed. (Fabric Quality, Stitching & Finishing)
The Ultimate Comfort you Deserve!
● Pillow Cases should be favourable with your skin to sleep peacefully and prevent any allergies from the fabric. We offer this plain dyed pillowcase with hypoallergenic material to ensure you sleep peacefully without worrying about your skin.
● This cream plain dyed pillowcase is equipped with breathability features, making it a prior choice for heavy sweaters, regulating temperature, and ensuring comfy sleep. (Hypoallergenic and Breathability)
Versatile Range of Colours
Pillow Cases should be in a persistent colour with your bedding and room decor. These plain dyed pillow cases come in a wide range of colours with versatile tones to mix in with room decor and enhance your bedding's luxurious feel.
Size of this Plain Dyed Pillow Case
Oxford Homeware presents this plain dyed pillowcase with a standard size. The size of this plain dyed pillow case will fit in perfectly with your standard fluffy pillow. Purchase this plain dyed pillowcase and enjoy the comfort that you dreamed about!
Washing Instructions
Pillowcases get filthy frequently with oils and moisturizers from your hair. One should maintain these cream plain dyed pillow cases regularly to maintain hygiene. We offer this pillow cover with easy-to-wash fabric. You can easily wash this product to remove any stains and odours.