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Plain Dyed Fitted Grey Pillow Covers


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Does your bed need a solid pillow cover to balance its over patterned look? Or are you looking for some solid plain pillow covers for an outdoor arrangement? If yes, buy our solid plain duvet covers right away. They'll not only fulfill your needs mentioned above but also add color to your sofas, day beds, and couches. These solid and vibrant colors create a landscaping-like look to your interior and add a glorious touch as well.  The very plain and basic solid covers are a perfect addition to any place they create modern and sophisticated color contrast that look extremely well without overpowering any of the features of your interior. Made from high quality microfibers that us brushed on both sides brings an exceptional softness, durability and comfort to them. Moreover, these covers will increase the breathability, coziness, and comfort of your pillows. They'll create a rejuvenated feel that will refresh your place like never before


  • Made from high quality & pure microfiber that is doubly brushed on both sides for an added comfort & softness. Made under great care & offer tailored finishing.
  • High durable, non-pilling, comfortable, breathable, lightweight, & extra smooth.
  • Moisture absorbing & anti-wicking. Balances the skin moisture & keeps it hydrated. Prevent sleep lines as well.
  • Plain covers are available only. 10 beautiful reliable & non-fading colors are available which withstand the excess use & frequent washes. Pink, black, brown, cream, grey, blue, white, mauve, navy blue, & red are the available colors.
  • Available in UK standard size; 19 x 29 x 6 inches.

Washing & care instructions:

  • Machine washable. Wash at 40° C using a gentle cycle, mild detergent, & cold water. Machine dryable.
  • Do not soak in the detergent or other chemical agents like softeners & bleaches.

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