waterproof sofa cover
waterproof sofa cover in brown
waterproof sofa cover in beige
brown waterproof sofa cover
beige waterproof sofa cover
brown beige waterproof sofa cover
waterproof sofa cover in brown and beige
Reversible Non Slip Brown & Beige Waterproof Sofa Covers
Reversible Non Slip Brown & Beige Waterproof Sofa Covers
Reversible Non Slip Brown & Beige Waterproof Sofa Covers

Reversible Non Slip Brown & Beige Waterproof Sofa Covers


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Customer satisfaction and product quality are Oxford Homeware's top priorities. As a company, we believe that the consumer is at the heart of all we do, and we strive to produce high-quality and pleasant household goods. We provide an Anti-slip Sofa Cover that is also reversible, now available in a variety of different colours and sizes.

With this Sofa Protector Cover from Oxford Homeware, you can transform your basic sofa into a gorgeous piece of furniture. Sofas accumulate dust over time and begin to appear older, which harms the overall design of your home. The use of an Anti-Slip Sofa Cover is a fantastic solution because it allows you to preserve your sofa from stains while also enjoying the fresh look for a prolonged period. 

Oxford Homeware, a famous UK brand, has consistently been recognised for its superior quality. We provide this anti-slip Waterproof Sofa Cover made of 100% polyester fabric that has been finished with great care and excellent stitching to assure complete customer satisfaction and timely delivery of an extremely high-quality product.

The use of superior-quality fabric in conjunction with the reversible Quilted Embossed Pattern of this Reversible Sofa Covers will both increase the degree of comfort provided by your couch while also improving the ambience of your home.

This quilted style sofa cover is made of multi-layer fabric with high-density stitching; the reversible and waterproof design provides two colour possibilities, allowing you to double the use of the cover while preserving your furniture.

This Waterproof Sofa Cover, as its name implies, has waterproofing characteristics that will prevent moisture and stains from soaking into your sofa and shortening its lifespan.

Our Anti-Slip Waterproof Sofa Cover is equipped with an adjustable strap that prevents the sofa cover from sliding about and ensures it remains in place. It is possible to buckle the strap and adjust it to meet the size of the sofa when installing it.

Own a dog or a cat with a lot of furs? It's not a problem at all. This Sofa Cover helps to keep your lovely sofa free of messes such as pet hair, saliva, and muddy paw prints.


  • COLOURS: Brown Beige, Burgundy Beige, Cream Beige, Dark Grey, & Grey Silver
  • MATERIAL: Polyester
  • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Hand Wash & Dry Clean.