Soft Plain Polypropylene Shaggy Door Mat Charcoal

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An iconic masterpiece that carries refined luxury, Peru is a luxurious shaggy wool style rug made from synthetic 100% pure polypropylene. Designed with care, this rich modern rug is available in our exclusive and high-quality rugs collection at Oxford Homeware in various classic colours.

Featuring the signature pure polypropylene, this stunning rug helps you ground your space, and creates a contemporary decor look at any corner of your home. The rug has fine ultra-silky soft piles made from pure polypropylene, resulting in an impossibly soft, rich, and dense pile of silky fibres.

Placing Peru rug in your living room is the perfect way to add a little extra comfort to it, and its densely woven thick pile looks more practical than you can only imagine.


  • Low shed, high quality, dense pile provides an ultra-soft touch underfoot
  • Made with 100% pure polypropylene
  • Highly insulative properties make it perfect for winters
  • Beatify any corner of your home, be it your bedroom, living room, or dining room.
  • Sizes: 60 x 110cm, 60 x 220cm, 80 x 150cm, 120 x 120cm, 120 x 170cm, 160 x 230cm and 200 x 290cm
  • Colour: Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Yellow & Beige
  • Washing instructions: Washable.