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Faux Fur Anti Slip Soft Plush Shaggy Rug Beige

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This luxurious high pile sheepskin faux fur rug is the new addition to our shaggy rug collection offers a soft plush, warm, fluffy design and comfortability to any corner in your home. This dense shaggy carpet rug is the meticulous result of professional craftsmanship using 100% original faux fur to pop extra texture and elite sense in your decor space. 

The high pile dense shaggy look is achieved by weaving the ultra-fine soft faux fur strands perfectly on looms so that you feel relaxed refinement underfoot whenever you lose yourself on it. From simple to welcoming look, this collection of the latest shaggy mat rug is promising to provide refreshing, rich and trendy decor options while keeping yourself within the budget.


  • Sizes (cm): ( 50 x 80 ), 60 x 110 ), ( 60 x 220 ), ( 80 x 150 ), ( 80 x 300) (120 x 170), ( 160 x 230 ) and ( 200 x 290 )
  • Material: Faux Fur
  • Colours: Beige, Cream, Ochre, Black and Grey
  • Washing Instructions: Washable.
Get the ultimate benevolent and snug feel to break the rules of what is expected from a Peru rug with this ultra fluffy, high pile, and plush faux fur shaggy rug.
• Oxford Homeware comes with this premium silky and luxurious shaggy rug to fill the void between ultimate comfort and affordability. We assure our valued customers of an absolute inviting, gorgeously designed, and cushiest atmosphere wherever they lay it.

Top-notch quality with silk soft long pile thread.

• This chic and plush shag rug is synthetic, made from beautiful faux fur with extra-long silky more than an inch long soft piles. Its thick, heavy, lush shaggy look set this rug apart from the rest of our rug collection in brilliance, warmth, and finesse.

Exude modern taste with a warm and cozy touch

• This exotic and heavy shaggy rug exudes the rich and modern taste that instantly changes the whole ambiance of the space. The heavy and dense texture ensures longevity, skin-friendliness, and a shabby glimpse.
• Oxford Homeware brings this interesting and valuable rug with worth noticing features that make it stand out such as it is anti-slip, and gives a place warm, cozy touch to any place without affecting your budget much. Preferred to be used in the bedroom and living rooms.
Colours convenience: Oxford Homeware always cares for its customer’s choices and needs. We offer this shaggy rug in chic and classic colours to bring life to your otherwise dull place. We have Beige, Cream, Ochre, Black and Grey colour to choose from.
Broader size: Not every room in your home needs the same sized rug. This is the reason Oxford Homeware brings a broader range of sizes for your ease of shopping for the right one. We have 8 sizes in this shaggy rug to sit beautifully in any nook in your home.
Washing guide: This plush shag rug absorbs moisture and dirt quickly due to its dense piles, therefore, needs frequent washes when gets dirty. We design this exquisite rug with a highly durable material that is washable and won’t wear off even after repeated washing.