Glitter Sparkle Blackout Eyelet Ring Top Curtains Dark Grey
Glitter Sparkle Blackout Eyelet Ring Top Curtains Dark Grey
Glitter Sparkle Blackout Eyelet Ring Top Curtains Dark Grey
Glitter Sparkle Blackout Eyelet Ring Top Curtains Dark Grey

Glitter Sparkle Blackout Eyelet Ring Top Curtains Dark Grey

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Are you searching for the best quality curtain which can guarantee quality and beautiful design? With a stunning and stylish stamped glitter effect, these high quality stamped grey glitter curtains, made from polyester with 260 GSM will sure freshen up your place! These gorgeous stamped blackout eyelet curtains are designed to allow you to enjoy more control of light in your room. With their blackout qualities, these are the ideal choice for blocking out unwanted light in bedrooms, however, their soft sheen and elegance make them an excellent choice for any room! Available in sparkling shades and all standard size windows for your ease.


  • Included: 2 panels, and two tie backs.
  • Sizes: 46" x 54" , 46" x 72" , 66" x 54" , 66" x 84", 66" x 72", 66" x 84", 66" x 90", 90" x 90".
  • Colour: available in 3 different colours.
  • Material: 100% polyester.
  • Quality: 260 G.S.M.
  • Washing instructions: always dry clean.
Give your room stunning beauty and practical style with these stamped blackout curtains by Oxford Homeware.
Regal Touch: The ultra sparkling texture of these stamped curtains will inject a regal touch to any room in your home, sprucing up the overall interior design.
Highly Functional: Oxford Homeware delivers these stamped blackout curtains with the excellent quality blackout thick lining that adds up extra functionality while being classy and luxurious.

Top-notch Quality Finishing

We always strive to deliver supreme quality products to our valuable customers. These stamped design blackout curtains are made from originally sourced polyester, a manmade fabric that usually ages beautifully and does not wear off and fades as quickly.

Blackout curtains – blocks light, noise and save energy

Oxford Homeware offers these sparkling stamped blackout curtains fabricated from premium polyester with an integrated blackout thick back that helps block out light and noises coming from the exterior environment, helping you sleep soundly and wake up fresh. Makes an ideal gift for late sleeper friends and family members.
Moreover, polyester plays a significant role in saving energy because of its high insulative properties. Install these blackout curtains to any window or door in your home and it will turn out to be more energy-efficient.

Eyelet Ring Heading

Oxford Homeware values its consumer’s choices and ease. These gorgeous curtains are available in contemporary eyelet heading style which includes lustery and anti-rust eyelet rings. The ring heading style makes the installation easy, without any glitches and irritating sounds.

Size Availability

Oxford Homeware has this chic stamped blackout curtain set in nine basic sizes. You can choose any size that fits best your windows or doors with a sense of perfection and glory.


Washing these classy blackout curtains should be done with care to keep the supple and sparkling stamping intact. Our experts strongly recommend only dry cleaning these curtains to extend their life and relish their richness and legacy.