PVC Washable Non Slip Grey Rubber Mat
PVC Washable Non Slip Grey Rubber Mat

PVC Washable Non Slip Grey Rubber Mat


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Welcome your visitors with Oxford Homeware's lovely PVC doormat which is made of rubber and susceptible to the hazards of the weather. This heavy-duty doormat makes a wonderful addition to every deck or porch area, keeping it clean at the same time.


The surface structure of this PVC rubber mat permits more retention of debris and fluids. The big ridges are much safer to walk on than most other perforated rubber mats. It can support heavy pedestrian traffic whilst maintaining customer convenience and reliability. In temporary applications, our traction mats work particularly well. They are the best choice for marine flooring, kitchen runner, etc.

  • Any liquid can be absorbed by its highly absorbent fibers. 
  • Boarder traps all the dust & debris from surrounding.  
  • Keep the tiles clean and safe. 
  • Non-slip Supporting Rubber.


  • Available Sizes: Available in Seven Standard sizes. These include; 40 X 60 cm, 45 X 75 cm, 50 X 90 cm, 60 X 180 cm, 80 X 150 cm, 80 X 300 cm, & 120X 150 cm. 
  • Color availability: Available in one color only; Grey. 
  • Washing & Care: These non-slip mats are washable.