Thick Plastic Coloured Food Cutting Chopping Board 4 Piece Set

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Non-slip, lightweight, this chopping board set features 4 pieces of colour-coded chopping boards made from 100% hygienic plastic, save for cooking purposes. This board is perfect for all cutting jobs, from meat and fish to fruit and vegetables. These knife friendly cutting boards are easy to store and clean, as come with a storage case. Each chopping board is labelled with its food group. These non-slip chopping boards will help keep the kitchen clean, tidy and organised whilst cooking the perfect meal. Ideal for those seeking to organise their kitchen whilst keeping the kitchen essentials hygienic and safe.


  • Size: 27.5 cm (Width) x 5.8 cm (Depth) x 18.5 cm (Length)
  • Material: 100% Hygienic BPA Free Plastic
  • Set Include: 4 piece chopping boards with stand.

Be more practical and relaxed while cooking with this perfect-sized, colourful set of 4 cutting boards. Add this complete set to your kitchen accessories and keep each board separate for different food groups.

We at Oxford homeware, offer this beautiful plastic cutting board set to be served as a staple kitchen accessory for life. Cutting and chopping is not your thing? We got you covered. Add this cutting board set to your daily cooking routine and let your inner chef come out.

These plastic chopping blocks are manufactured while taking intense care and precision to provide you with a safe and environment-friendly place to chop multiple food items. We choose high-quality plastic that ensures the complete health of you and your loved ones.

Make food chopping fun

These premium quality plastic boards make cooking easy and fun. These are designed to help anyone chop food in an easy way due to their smooth texture. It will also protect your cherished knife's edges so that shredding the meats, herbs, fruits, bread, or cheese remains a breeze even for beginner users.

High-quality hygienic plastic

Oxford Homeware truly cares for its customer’s health, so we are so proud to introduce these easy working highly hygienic slicing boards to your reach. We utilized the BPA-free plastic material in its manufacturing, making it a must-have kitchen essential for safe and healthy cooking at home.

Colouful food labeled icons

We offer this one complete cutting board package that comes with 4 colourful boards, each with tapered handles on one side with the food labeled icon embedded. The food labeled icons signify the use of these boards for particular food groups such as fish, chicken, vegetables, and fruits.

Size Guide

The food chopping board comes in a broad range of standard sizes perfect for all kinds of chopping. The lightweight chopping board is 28 cm long and 18 cm wide and can be stored efficiently in a suitable rack for easy selection when needed.

Easy washable design

Our plastic cutting and chopping boards come with a storage case to save place and add an aesthetic touch to your countertop. They are simple to wash. Put them in the dishwasher or simply hand wash them with soap and a soft sponge. Hang them vertically in the storage case as it acts as a liquid drip catcher as well.