Cutting Board Bamboo Wood
Cutting Board Bamboo Wood
Cutting Board Bamboo Wood
Cutting Board Bamboo Wood
Cutting Board Bamboo Wood
Cutting Board Bamboo Wood
Cutting Board Bamboo Wood
Cutting Board Bamboo Wood

Cutting Board Bamboo Wood

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Our exclusive bamboo cutting board is a must-have accessory for every kitchen. This best Bamboo Wood Board is a perfect tool for cutting, prepping and chopping a wide range of food. This organic bamboo wood cutting board is well-crafted, eco-friendly and strong. It is highly durable too. Bamboo has a smooth finish which makes the cutting board lightweight yet strong enough to resist warping over time.

This board absorbs the scratches of your knife without chipping, cracking or splintering. Now cutting and chopping meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, herbs, etc is no big deal for cooks with this great cutting tool.

Oxford Homeware presents this finest Bamboo Wood Cutting Board that is best for most professional chefs and home cooks alike. Plus, the natural wood colour and stylish design add an extra layer of sleek appeal to this must-have kitchen product.

  • Sizes: 38cm x 26cm, 40cm x 30cm & 42cm x 30cm.
  • Material: Organic Bamboo
  • Washing instructions: Washable.
Add refinement to your kitchen decor with this precisely crafted bamboo cutting board and make cutting and chopping a breeze.
- Oxford homeware, a trusted online retailer brings this highly functional kitchen accessory to you, pushing you to cook and dine at home, particularly if cutting and chopping is a challenge for you.
- Made under the supervision of professional craftsmen with 100% original and high-quality bamboo wood material to keep food nutrients healthy, safe for consumption, and avert food-borne illnesses.

Chop Like a Pro!

Oxford homeware is a trusted online retailer for home decor products that do not leave you alone in the kitchen (for boring cooking) as well. Cutting or chopping fruits, veggies and meat is a real struggle when it comes to cooking at home. But not anymore! Use this bamboo cutting board, save your time battling with food items and chop like a pro!

Originally Sourced Material

- This hard-finished wooden chopping board is originally crafted with pure bamboo wood that adds perfect functionality to your kitchen shelves. The use of premium quality wood speaks out of its smooth, shiny, and dense texture.
- This piece’s rectangular shape offers plenty of space for keeping everything on the board and its soft round edges at all corners offer a strong grip while using it. The juice tank at at corners prevents liquid flow, keeping the cooking area tidy.

Variable Size Range

Oxford Homeware is proud to present you with this extremely practical chop board in two standard sizes. This wood cutting tray will be an ideal fit for your kitchen needs, making this essential a pleasant staple for many years to come.

Prevents Cross-Contamination

Oxford Homeware delivers this hardworking chopping board that is the perfect host for chicken, herbs, and meat. There is no denying that unsavory tiny organisms such as bacteria, fungus, and molds grow over food items over time. This natural wood cuting board, when sanitized and washed properly, prevents such cross food contaminations.

Easy Washing

This cutting board is no hassle to wash and care for. Wash them with water and any dishwashing soap with a soft sponge. Dry it with a towel or simply put it straight with the countertop wall for air dry. It is recommended to wash them after each use.

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