Heavy Weighted Blanket Large & Medium

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Rest peacefully and ease up on your troubles with our exclusively designed premium weighted blanket. Made from originally sourced pure cotton material, filled equally with glass beads to ensure the desired pressure to beat sleeping disorders. This ultra-relaxing weighted blanket features the quilted 8 loop square box design with precise stitching giving it a neat and textured look and making it stand for years to come. The underlined feature of our high-end weighted blankets is to keep you relaxed and warm by offering deep touch pressure to stimulate the feeling of being held. Available in medium and large sizes in two opaque colours.


  • Size & Weight: 122cm x 183cm = 6.8kg | 152cm x 203cm = 9kg.
  • Colours:  Grey and Charcoal.
  • Washing instructions: Dry clean only.