Embossed Blackout Room Darkening Eyelet Curtains Black
Embossed Blackout Room Darkening Eyelet Curtains Black
Embossed Blackout Room Darkening Eyelet Curtains Black
Embossed Blackout Room Darkening Eyelet Curtains Black
Embossed Blackout Room Darkening Eyelet Curtains Black

Embossed Blackout Room Darkening Eyelet Curtains Black

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Enhance the appearance of any window within your home with embossed blackout curtains. These marvellous Blackout Room Darkened Embossed Eyelet Curtains will add an incredible appearance to any room with their elegant embossed design and patterns. Providing full coverage from the sun, your new room darkening curtains will help protect your furniture from fading and even lower your energy costs. The eyelet ring top detail makes hanging these curtains easier, and these curtains will last long as they are made from durable polyester with 260 GSM. Now you can avail these ravishing curtains in different colours that match other interiors and sizes that fit best to the all standard size windows. 


  • Sizes:  46"×54", 46"×72", 66"×72", 66"×54", 66"×84", 66"×90" & 90"×90".  66" x 84" is only available in sigle panel.
  • Material and Colour: Made up of polyester material and arrives in four colours which are silver, black and dark grey.
  • Curtains Pattern: We offer finely made DAMASK patterned curtains.
  • Heading Styles: These curtains come in eyelet or ring heading style.
  • Curtain's Set: our curtains come in pairs. Each pair comprises two curtain panels and two matching tie-backs.
  • Washing Instructions: Wash them in the washing machine at 40°C.
Bring new life to your window treatments with Oxford Homeware's gorgeous blackout embossed pattern curtains, possessing the 260 GSM fabric quality.
Exquisite Design:These embossed blackout curtains by Oxford homeware have an exquisite geometric pattern that is both classic and contemporary at the same time.
Blocks Light & Noise:These chic embossed blackout curtains, made of superior quality microfiber, filter out irritating and bothersome sunlight and noises from the outside environment. You are guaranteed to enjoy a serene night's sleep in your bedroom or living room.

260 GSM Quality Fabric

You will find high-quality bedding and home décor items at Oxford Homeware. Our blackout curtains with bold embedded embossed designs are assembled of 260 GSM polyester, which is polished to a high degree of perfection.

Blackout Perfection

- Oxford Homeware offers these opulent Embossed Pattern Blackout Curtains to help you get a good night's sleep by blocking out the light and noise from the outside world. It's perfect for people who work nights or have trouble falling asleep at night, as well as those who just want a few additional hours of sleep in the morning.
- These modern patterned embossed curtains made of 260 GSM polyester, which is known for their outstanding insulating capabilities, keep your room makeover up to a standard. In addition, these curtains help keep your room's temperature stable for longer thanks to their stronger insulative blackout lining.

Contemporary Eyelet Style

Oxford Homeware is always looking for new and better ways to serve its customers. A modern touch to your window coverings is provided by the dazzling and rust-resistant curtain rings that come with these luxurious embossed blackout curtains. These eyelet rings, which are both functional and stylish, make hanging these curtains a breeze.

Multiple Sizes Available

Oxford Homeware has a wide selection of sizes in eyelet-style embossed curtains in a variety of colours and sizes. In order to enhance the attractiveness of your home's interior décor, you can select one based on the size of your door and window.

Washing & Caring

It is advised that these curtains must be machine-washed in a moderate cycle with a light detergent in order to preserve their elegant and ultra-soft smooth luster and supple feel. You'll be able to enjoy their silky touch for years to come because of the careful cleansing and washing method.