Runners Rugs


      Runners are a worthy investment and the best step you can take to treat the floor. From protecting your floor and making it look beautiful to filtering out the air & improving air quality, runners stand out. The strong fibers and their designs keep absorbing the moisture preventing damp floor thereby enhancing its life & retaining its upper surface smooth & uniform. Runners also absorb dust, dirt, & mud and help you in maintaining the neat & tidy floor. To sum up, runners are beneficial in dirt retention, moisture control, floor protection, air quality improvement, and interior decoration.

      So, if you are searching for the best quality runners for you place, Oxford Homeware is the best place to invest. We are the professional manufacturers who have been working in the industry for the last fifteen years. We have earned customers love and satisfaction & are still working to our best for their satisfaction. Our team puts endless efforts in designing the runners, creating new color schemes, and thinking of the ways to increase the quality of our runners. Which makes our runners exceptionally soft, durable, and top-notch. Despite all these features, we offer the runners at affordable rates throughout the UK and allow you a budget-friendly and hassle-free shopping.

      Salient features of Oxford Homeware’s runner

      The authentic oxford homeware runners are high-quality and offer a high-end look. Our runners are famous for their splendor & appealing look which fits well into all interiors. Despite producing the runners at a large scale, all of our runners and living room rugs are tightly weaved under the close watch of our experts who have been thriving in the interior design market for decades. The features of our runners are briefly described below…

      High-quality raw material: 100% polypropylene is used for making the runners. This offers durability and strength making the runners hard wearing & resistant against wear and tear.

      Beautiful design: We have stylish bed room rugs Havana runners in stock. The abstract pattern and brilliant colors add an aesthetic feel by harmonizing with your place. It adds value to the interior and makes it classier & more elegant.

      Latest color schemes: Color schemes are majorly responsible for the appearance of the runners. Our runners come in right different color combinations allowing you to choose the best one for your place. These color combinations are a blend of bold, neutral, & vibrant colors.

      Size availability: The same sized runner cannot be fitted to all the places that are why we offer various sizes when it comes to our runners. We have eight different sizes ranging from 60 x 110 cm to 60 x 220 cm

      Easy buying process: We offer a hassle-free and easy buying process. From our user-friendly website, you can buy the desired runners in just a few clicks. Moreover, our runners come with details that appear by clicking on them & for further queries you are welcome to contact our team. Our team is available 24/7 for answering your queries.