Living Room Rugs


      A small rug can make a big difference especially when it comes to the Living room. A good ensemble of living room rugs and other accessories will make your place welcoming. They bring warmth to the place and make the floor feel cozy under the feet. An elegantly designed and finely woven living room rug is the best thing to entertain your place with. They create a statement look & become the focal point of the space without overpowering your interior. The velvety and soft touch of rugs creates an exquisite and lavish feel. So now is the best time to upgrade your space with the beautiful living room and bed room rugs. To make a quick and easy purchase   Oxford Homeware is the best online store to visit.

      We are the professional manufacturers who have been working in the industry for the last two decades. Our crew has a team of expert designers, manufactures, and creative team members who put all possible efforts to provide you with the finest and high-quality living room and multi rugs. We also make it easier for you to purchase your desired rugs at affordable rates. Our rugs are traditionally made on power looms under the close watch of our experts. We guarantee you the brilliance, elegance, and comfort brought by our astonishing living room rugs.

      Below are a few of the features of our living room rugs, please keep on reading… 

      We use 100% polypropylene as the raw material for making our rugs. Which brings comfort, warmth, softness, and a luxurious look to your place. Also, it increases the durability of the rugs and keeps the colors as new as fresh simultaneously adding a graceful and modern-day sleekness.  Everyone designs his/her place according to his/her taste, which is why we offer you a wide range of vivid, bold, & neutral colors. Our bold-colored living room rugs will add a pop of color to the space and make it appealing. Simplicity and minimalism are all over when it comes to interior designing. To meet the latest trends we have simple yet sophisticated designs to bring elegance to your place.

      We aim to provide you with breathtaking masterpieces that’ll enhance your interior and attract viewers. Our exceptionally soft and colorful rugs are capable of blending well with your place and give an aesthetic appeal. Our curvilinear rugs with geometric patterns & vivid background keep the minimalism & maintain the style as well. The bright colors, & beautiful patterns are the hallmark of our living room runners which define your area & let you enjoy lifetime benefits. The soft pile gives a velvety texture and reduces the sharpness of your places created due to certain accessories. All of our rugs are beautiful, high-quality, & durable having variations that are worthy to go through.

      The complete range of our living room rugs is given below. So, take your time and go through each rugs’ section individually to them well & make a wise & lifetime investment.