Havana Rugs


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      Every year, trends change and take a new turn, so do the interiors. Sometimes it seems exotic designs are all over and sometimes minimalism seems to take over. This year minimalism is all around, either it’s about bedding sets, rugs, carpets, or other accessories.

      When it comes to flooring, Havana rugs are trending. They bring character, texture, class, and color to your interior. With their geometric pattern and distinctive color schemes, they create an aesthetic feel. They are flatly woven and contain strips in various colors that add a unique texture and depth to the designing. The soft and thick pile provides a soft floor and prevents slipping. The contemporary geometric designs make your floor appear tidy and the focal point of your place. The exceptional softness and wonderful designs add an artistic feel to the place. All these features make the Havana rugs the best choice for both indoor and outdoor usage. 

      So, to make the quickest and best purchase, Oxford Homeware is the best online store to visit in the first place. We offer you the high quality and top-notch Havana rugs that are hard wearing and have a thin pile. They'll bring style and liveliness to your place. Our Havana rugs are made on power looms with 100% pure polypropylene under the close watch of our experts. This lends a hand to soft, smooth, non-shedding, and easy cleaning rugs. Take a look at the features of our Havana rugs…

      Features of Oxford Homeware’s Havana rugs:

      Best quality raw material: We use 100% polypropylene for manufacturing our Havana rugs. This results in soft, deep, durable, luxurious, and hard-wearing rugs. Our Havana tugs are soft to touch and easy to clean.

      Geometric designs: We have beautiful and finely made geometric designs. This includes rectangular and square patterns made with a combination of complementary colors. The design on each rug is individually made by a computerized designing machine.

      Color schemes: We have a wide range of colors available at our store. These color schemes include all the vibrant and neutral hues in eight different fascinating colors. 

      Size availability: Havana rugs can be used everywhere either indoor or outdoor and doesn't matter where you are using it? You cannot go to the same size. Therefore, each place needs a different size that fits well into space and gives you a blended look on the whole. From our store, you can but the Havana rugs in eight different sizes. These sizes vary from 60×110 cm to 60×220 cm.