10.5 Tog Duvet


      10.5 Tog Duvet

      Designed and crafted in Oxford, the 10.5 tog king duvet from this year is filled with polyester that bounces back to life after each night.

      Several sizes of this pillow are available and it comes in a luxuriously plush Egyptian cotton cover. 9.5 mm open cell polyester duvet with three layers, allowing airflow while reducing motion transmission and pressure points.

      What are the Purposes of our 10.5 Togs duvet?

      As a unit of measurement, TOG measures how much insulation a product provides. As an example, a duvet with a tog value of 10.5 can be used to describe a duvet's thickness to determine how warm the duvet really is. Duvets are usually cozier when their TOG values are higher.

      10.5 togs duvet-Suitable for all seasons

      For extra comfort during those winter nights, change your summer duvet for our best 10.5 tog Duvet. This duvet has a higher tog rating and provides more insulation. It depends on the temperature in your bedroom overnight as to how warm a 10.5 tog duvet is for the wintertime.

      Overnight, you should keep the temperature in your bedroom between 18 and 21 degrees Fahrenheit, however, if the temperature drops, you may need to lower it to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

      Breathable & ultra-soft

      Because they are available only in white, they can be used with any type of bedding or decor. The ultra-soft double comforters in our 10.5 tog collection are wrinkle-resistant, bashing-proof, and do not rise significantly after repeated uses.

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