Cream Rugs


      Cream Rugs

      In a dark and fully decorated room, cream rugs perfectly blend & prove a subtle addition. Cream rugs fall in the category of neutral colors. They pull the darkness of the rooms and brightens it by filling the light in them. Cream rugs add softness and a modern-day touch to the place moving out the stifling & darkening hues. Cream rugs are the best way to add style to the place paired up with the existing interior. They also add a soft crisp & versatility to the place. You can also add cream rugs to balance the darker and bolder hues of your home. They connect with the furnishing and the wall paint & mute the brighter hues. So if you are currently looking for cream rugs for adding a soft touch to your place and balancing the sharper hues, visit the Oxford Homeware in the first place. We are professional manufacturers who have worked in the industry for years and have earned a good reputation and customer love. Our online store deals with home décor products throughout the UK.

      Types  Available

      Our cream rugs are incredibly soft, smooth, and fluffy. They have thick and dense piles that offer great comfort & make the flooring soft to walk on. Especially hardwood and marble floors can be made comfortable to lay on and play with your pets and kids by using our rugs. Our cream rugs are no-shedding, stain-resistant, and pests-resistant. They also improve the air by filtering out the dust, dirt mists, and moisture making it beneficial and comfortable for asthma and hypoallergenic patients to breathe in. Our cream rugs are shaggy rugs and offer soft and thick noodles-like piles that create an entirely luxurious and soothing feel. A few of the salient features of our cream rugs are given below, keep on reading to find out…

      • High-quality raw material: We use high-quality and top-notch raw material for making our rugs. Our cream rugs are made on power looms using 100% pure polypropylene. The processing is watched by our experts and results in soft, luxurious, and smooth rugs. Also, our rugs are tightly woven and offer a uniform and even texture.

      • Design & dying: We use the sophisticated dying process. The dyes are added during the manufacturing stage. Which likely holds the dyes in the fibers. And for the designs, thick and heavily piled shaggy rugs are trending that is why we offer the shaggy cream rugs. They have thick and dense noodle-like piles which prove to be very comfortable and long-lasting. These shaggy rugs do not shed & retain their texture for years.

      • Available sizes: We have five different sizes of cream rugs available in stock. This allows you to make an easy and quick purchase of the desired size rug. Our cream rug size varies from 2ftx7.3ft to 5.3ftx7.6ft.


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      Take your time and have a look at our stock. Make a wise decision by treating your place with our high-quality cream rugs.