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      Carpets Rugs

      Carpets are the easiest way to hide your weary and old floor and make them appear beautiful. For home decoration, carpet rugs are an essential accessory. With carpet rugs, there is no need for wall paintings, wall hangings, and other accessories. Moreover, they help you create a warm, cozy, and snugly place. They add color to your lifeless place and make it look lively. They provide a soft & smooth floor to walk barefooted. Moreover, if you have just bought a new house and want to preserve your floor, carpet rugs serve the best at that time as well.

      To buy carpet rugs, Oxford Homeware is the best online store. You do not need to search through all the products to buy the desired carpets; in fact, they can be bought in just a few clicks without any hassle from our website.

      Types  Available

      Features of our carpet rugs:

      • Fabric content: Our carpet rugs are made from high and best quality fabric materials because of it something you really deserve. We value your choices and requirements and therefore offer you the carpet rugs accordingly. Our carpets are made from polypropylene and are warm, soft, and durable. The high-quality and dense polypropylene offers exceptional comfort and softness. Our carpets are processed on looms and offer you handmade beautiful designs to add color, texture, and beautiful prints to you your place.

      • Designs, styles, & color schemes: As for the designs, we have floral, square-patterned, rectangle patterned, plain, and greek rectangle designs. We have the carpet rugs in all the trending color schemes, including black, red, grey, orange, purple, cream, beige, green, coffee, burgundy, and multi-colored carpet rugs. We offer the traditional Isfahan, Havana, & shaggy carpet runners as well.
      • Easy maintenance: Our carpets are dirt-resistant, which keeps them clean. You do not need to take special precautions for their care. By simple care techniques and regular maintenance, they can get cleaned and kept fresh as new.

      • Sizes: we have different sizes of carpet rugs in stock. You can buy any of them according to our needs to make your place welcoming. We have five different sizes of carpets ranging from 60 cm x 110 cm to 200 cm x 290 cm.


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