120x170 Rugs


      120 x 170 Rugs

      Rugs have been gracing the floors for centuries & of course, it started even before that. Initially, carpets were used for practical reasons like protecting the floor from damping, wear & tear, & cold. By the time the designs of rugs evolved and so do their uses. New color schemes, designs, techniques, & weaving patterns are coming with each year. Rugs bring history and beauty to your place. They effortlessly transform your place by changing its appearance and mood.

      Rugs carry other advantages as well, they add a touch of warmth and coziness to the place and make the floor warm under feet. Hardwood and marble floors can be made cozy for winters with the help of rugs. They absorb the coldness of the air and make it feel warm along with filtering it. If your room has dark furniture and full of decoration, rugs also balance the look and make it look artistically designed and well organized.  There come various sizes of rugs & each fits into a specific area. If currently, you are looking for 120x170 rugs, Oxford Homeware is the best place to shop.

      We are a professional manufacturer and retailer who have been working in the industry for decades. Our team members and designers put all possible efforts in bringing new designs and improving the quality of our rugs. All of our rugs are versatile and allow you to decorate your place in a number of ways. We offer various color schemes & the latest designs when it comes to our 120x170 Rugs. They provide you the opportunity to add a pop of color to your place & enhance its interior. Our modern and themed 120x170 rugs spruce up your home and create a tasteful appeal. 

      Here’s what we offer when it comes to our 120x170 Rugs:

      Our rugs are the ideal and practical cushioning under feet. They are anti-slipping, stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergenic which makes them a practical addition to your place. High-quality ad durability is the essence of our 120x170 rugs. We offer:

      High-quality fabric material: We use 100% polypropylene for making our rugs. This assures the durability, softness, and strength of the rugs. Also, our rugs are anti-shedding and have a soft pile that is unlikely to pill even if you use them for years.

      Vibrant color schemes: our rugs add an incredible pop of colors and create an appealing look. We dye our rugs in the manufacturing process which hold in the fibers tightly and do not fade away. We offer warm and neutral embracing tones for 120x170 rugs. 

      Designs: we have geometric designs that are a perfect blend of rectangular and square patterns. These patterns are finely made by computerized machines and appear finest. They add an accent to your existing décor.

      Easy maintenance: Our rugs are anti-shedding and anti-pilling which makes the maintenance easy. You can wash these rugs as well as dry-clean them. 

      We also have a range of