How To Increase Pillow Cover Life - Cleaning Guide

Throw pillows and cushions enhance a room's decor. Throw pillow covers' hues, designs, and textures go well with a room's decor, including rugs, curtains, and runners. Cushions need to be cleaned as they get dirty over time. Cushion covers are refreshed by cleaning, but this process may also damage textiles or cause colour fading.

A washing machine can handle cleaning certain types of fabrics. Others need hand washing, while still others could need dry cleaning. Some materials, like fake leather, should only be cleaned with a delicate cloth rather than submerging them in water. Follow these recommendations to maintain your pillow coverings in excellent condition throughout time. Here is a maintenance guide on how to wash couch pillow covers and take care of your pillow covers properly.

Cleaning Advice For Different Types Of Pillow Covers

How To Wash Feather Or Down Pillow Covers?

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Use a tiny quantity of gentle detergent, especially for down and feather pillows. Feathers or down are delicate and likely to clump. Using liquid detergent that has not been thoroughly rinsed out might leave lumps and a trace of discolouration on the cushion.

How To Wash Latex Or Memory Foam Pillow Covers?

Although latex and memory foam resist losing their form and ageing, they cannot be machine cleaned or dried. The reason is that the washing machine's agitator may shatter and harm the foam. Additionally, it will be tough for the material to dry due to its thickness.

Your best option is to spot-clean them to remove any stains and then cover them with a protective pillowcase. In this manner, cleaning the pillowcase and never the pillow is only necessary. Its life will also be prolonged by often changing the pillow coverings.

How To Wash Velvet Pillow Covers?

Not all velvet fabrics can be laundered, so check before cleaning your velvet pillow covers. Most removable velvet covers can be cleaned in the washing machine or by hand; however, those that aren't washable.

If your cover is washable, put it through the washer's gentle cycle and wash it inside out. Soaking helps loosen dirt and grime when washing by hand.

How To Wash Polyester Pillow Covers?

Wash it delicately in warm water and give it a couple of normal-speed spins. It just takes one spoonful of liquid detergent to clean the filling thoroughly.

Correct Pillowcase Washing Procedures

How To Wash A Pillowcase In A Washing Machine?

Take off your pillow's sham, cover, or pillowcase. These coverings may be adequately cared for following our tips for cleaning the decorative pillows section above and will be cleaned separately from the pillow itself.

As a first step, put wiping fluid on any spots on the cushion using a sponge right now.

The ideal washing machine for pillow inserts is a front-loading one without an agitator. Use warm water on the delicate cycle and a moderate detergent for optimal results. If you must use an agitator-equipped washing machine, carefully balance the load by placing a cushion on either side of the machine and use a very gentle cycle.

After washing, hang the pillow inserts to dry until they are around 75% dry in a well-ventilated location.

You may fluff the pillows in the dryer after they are nearly dry. For the most outstanding results, it is preferable to do this using the "no heat" option. A few dryer balls may assist in reshaping the cushions and restoring them to their original condition.

How To Hand-Wash Pillow Covers?

If your pillowcases are constructed from fragile materials that a washing machine's agitation may harm, how do you hand-wash delicate pillow covers? It is recommended that you wash them by hand instead. Washing your pillowcases by hand requires you to follow these instructions.

  1.   Put a tiny quantity of detergent in the water that has been heated to warm or chilly temperatures and then fill a washbasin or basin.
  2.   Place the pillows in the water and gently scrub with your hands to evenly spread the soap throughout the pillowcases.
  3.   Take care not to massage the cloth too roughly or twist it too much since doing any of these things might cause harm to it.
  4.   To remove soap from the pillows, thoroughly wash them under running water.
  5.   Squeeze out any extra water while being cautious not to overwork or twist the cloth too much.
  6.   Hang the pillowcases to dry or put them on a level surface. If you will hang them, use a clothespin or a hanger, so the fabric doesn't become stretched out.

How To Remove Tough Stains From White Pillow Covers

It might be challenging to get rid of stains on white pillowcases, but there are a few things you can try:

Bleach: Stains on white pillowcases could be removed using bleach. Dilute the bleach with water as directed on the bottle. Pillowcases should be soaked in the solution for 10–15 minutes before being washed in the washing machine with ordinary detergent.

Baking soda and vinegar: After making a paste with the baking soda and water, apply it to the region that has been discoloured while also adding some vinegar. Next, when the paste has fizzled for a few minutes, pour white vinegar over it. Use a brush to scrub the area, and then flush it with water. Use this approach with confidence on both white and colourful pillowcases.

Hydrogen peroxide: Combine half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with half a cup of water and then apply the solution to the discoloured area. Let it for a few minutes, then wash it in the washing machine after rinsing it with water.

Enzymatic cleaners: Use a paste made from equal parts lemon juice and salt on the discolouration. For best results, soak the garment for a few hours before rinsing it and washing it in the machine.

If the stain is incredibly stubborn or has been there for some time, try using an enzymatic cleaning. These detergents work by dissolving the molecules that make up the stain so that they may remove even the most stubborn stains, including blood and pee. Carefully read the cleaner's directions before using.

Before treating a whole pillow cover with a cleaning solution, read the label to see whether it is safe and test a tiny, hidden section.If you want to buy pillow covers here are some of the pillow covers oxford homeware offering. 

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How To Dry Off The Pillow Coverings?

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If your pillowcases have a care label that reads "Dry Clean Only," you should take them to a dry cleaner who is a trained expert. It is not recommended that you wash them at home since there is a possibility that the fabric could get ruined or that the colour will become less vibrant.

Removing stains and filth from fabric using particular solvents used in a dry cleaning procedure is a gentle method that does not cause any damage to the fabric.

How Often Do You Wash Pillowcases?

It's crucial to remember your decorative accent pillows while cleaning your house. These beautifully decorated pillows are essential to the décor of our homes and are often seen in living rooms and bedrooms all around the globe. 

Whether your accent pillows have a decorative, detachable cover will determine how often they need to be cleaned. If so, it is recommended that you wash these pillowcases at least once a month. Additionally, the pillow's inside stuffing has to be cared for and cleaned at least twice a year.

Tips To Maintain Pillowcases From Shrinking In Wash

Maintaining your pillow covers correctly is vital to extend cover life. All pillowcases must adhere to a few basic cleaning and care guidelines. After saying that, let's go on to some tips and techniques you can find beneficial for maintaining the condition of your pillow covers.
1. Review the care instructions with your sheets and pillow covers before washing them. Some kinds of fabric need more tender loving care than others.
2. Look carefully for any stains that could appear. If you apply makeup regularly, purchasing a stain remover may be beneficial.
3. To prevent your clothes from shrinking, put your washing machine on a low to medium heat setting for warm water. It is best to avoid hot water.
4. Ensure that your sheets are turned inside out, particularly if coloured. This is especially important for white linens. Make a ball of them, then put them into the washing machine.
5. Make use of a reliable detergent, particularly a gentle one. The fibres in your sheets might become more easily damaged by rough ones.
6. Using a fabric softener will produce softer and more aromatic sheets.
7. A new set of sheets and pillowcases should be hung up. Let them dry naturally in the air.
By regularly switching your pillowcases, you may keep the germs under control and avoid having to wash them more often. Due to sweat and oil from hair and skin, numerous bacteria may grow on the pillow's surface and inside the material. Therefore, it's crucial to regularly switch out the pillowcases to maintain them in good condition.

latex or foam

Which Is Better For Cleaning Pillowcases: Cold Or Hot Water?

Warm water is advised to wash pillowcases, so grime, sweat, or oils are easily rinsed. Cold water may not be efficient in removing stains and smells, while hot water may cause shrinkage or damage to the fabric.

Although a general rule of thumb is to wash at no more than a warm cycle, the ideal temperature might vary depending on the pillow cover fabric and the manufacturer's recommendations. If there are any special care instructions or recommended washing temperatures, these should be found on the label.

In general, washing the pillow cover in cold water or by hand is recommended if the material is fragile, such as silk or wool. Fabric care labels should be checked, although cotton and synthetics may be generally washed in warm water.

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