How To Choose The Ideal Throws And Blanket For Your Home

Having the best throws and blankets in your home isn't just a want. It's a necessity. It is necessary. Whether you want to spice up the most excellent mattress, wrap yourself in by a warm fire, or simply want to have it on hand for the numerous visitors you'll be hosting this holiday season. There must be at least one throw blanket in every home.

sofa throws and blanket

The easy-to-find does not necessarily equate to the requirement. Many decorative throw blankets are available. Therefore, limiting the options is essential. Determine the order of priority for texture, substance, and pattern to achieve this. We've done the legwork for you if you really want to locate the ideal throw and blanket to improve your home without hiring decorators.

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What Are Blankets And Throws?

A throw blanket is a lightweight, warm, multipurpose blanket with only one layer. They're perfect for snuggling up at night or using while studying on the bed.

An excellent throw adds colour and interest to the space while being soft and cosy. Your entire house, including the bedrooms, living room, office, window seat, outdoor seating area, and more, can use as decor.

What Distinguishes a Throw From a Blanket?

What separates blankets from throws is their intent. It is common to place cheap blankets over layers of bedding to provide warmth in the bed. Throws, a sort of blanket, are more aesthetically pleasing. A layer the size of a human for cosy afternoons or as a furniture accent.

A stylish throw blanket, however, is one of the least time-consuming and money-consuming methods to refresh your home's look. In that it is both warm and comfortable, it is functional. It is equally a design decision that may alter the atmosphere of your space, adorn a sofa, and make a blanket look cosier.

Whether you use it just for show or to keep warm when curled up in front of the TV, a splash of colour can make your home decor pop. Any home worth its design salt needs a few decent throws.

What Are Throws And Blankets Used For?

To provide warmth and comfort, good throws are adaptable. Choosing the right throws and blankets can make your home look fantastic. Throws are helpful throughout the year and come in various fabrics and hues to match any type of interior design.


These adaptable and fashionable layers are a warm complement to any home. Even if you can't sleep with a throw, there are still several advantages to using these coverings. Throws and blankets are pretty portable due to their smaller size. Whenever you need it, you can move your fleece blanket throw back and forth between your living area and bedroom.

Interior Decoration

A throw is aesthetically beautiful beyond all else. These stylish blankets look fantastic as accents on big furniture, such as beds and outdoor benches. Choose a distinctive hue, a textured fabric, or a whimsical pattern. Throw blankets are excellent for providing warmth for you and your visitors, but they can also make stunning design pieces when used as a statement piece or throws for sofas! Your living area will look cosier and more inviting if throws are readily available.

Modest Warmth

Can a throw serve as a blanket in bed? Usually not. Throws don't easily fit between layers of bedding and won't keep you warm on a cold winter night. On the other hand, they offer the ideal amount of warmth for a brief nap.

They Are Impervious to Stains

You'll be glad to hear that many blankets are stain-resistant if you have kids or pets. Additionally, most blankets are easy to wash, making maintenance easy. An electric blanket is an excellent option if you want to stay warm. Most offer various heat settings so that you may choose the ideal temperature.

Perfect Fabric For A Couch Throw And Blanket

Although soft cotton and plush fleece are two popular materials for sofa throws, you are free to select another one based on your preferences. Fleece and cotton are sturdy materials that will withstand much use and cleaning. You will likely use your sofa throw frequently to keep warm. Look for a faux fur-lined blanket if you want something extremely comfortable. This is an optional feature for both fleece and cotton textiles.

Although they are a little more delicate, cashmere and satin blankets are also fantastic if you're searching for something exceptionally soft to have as a sofa throw, decorative, and luxurious.

What Is The Cosiest Material?

Once more, it comes down to taste, although it's better to be cautious of synthetic materials. The ideal materials to use are those that replicate a super-soft, buttery-smooth texture and are suitable for year-round use, such as polyester, nylon, or acrylic.

You should invest in high-quality, well-designed sherpa or fleece blankets during the cooler months. Throughout the cold weather season, the luxurious faux fur will feel like a warm hug from you.

What Is The UK Size For Throws And Blankets?

Like other blankets, throw blanket sizes might vary from maker to manufacturer in the UK. However, a throw blanket typically measures 50 by 36 inches in length. Traditional blankets employ double, king, and super king bed measurements; the length is variable.

Sizes of throw blankets include:

  • 50 x 60 inches,
  • 54 x 60 inches,
  • 54 x 72 inches.

Some companies request that their throw blankets not be perfectly square. For easiness, determine if your blanket qualifies as a throw, it should limit its width to no more than 54 inches.

The largest throw blanket on the market is 54 x 72 inches in size. People in the UK who want to use a throw blanket on top of their bed will like this size. Also, remember that throw blankets are more than just furniture accents.

By using the fabric, you can protect your sofa from dust accumulation. Throws also maintain the aesthetic of your UK living room, which is stylish. Even better, temporarily cover your floor or cupboard with the throw blanket.

The Best Blanket And Throw - How To Choose?

In most situations, choosing the size of a throw blanket is a safe bet. Most throw blankets can fit any person or home since it doesn't mean covering your whole body. There are a few exceptions and things to keep in mind, though. Check to see if any of these sizing considerations might relate to your needs before purchasing a throw blanket:

Average Height

Yes, most people can use a throw blanket that is 50 by 60 inches comfortably. But account for your height if you are exceptionally short or tall. You shouldn't feel like you're wearing a napkin or drowning in cloth.

Size of Sofa

A smaller throw blanket for the bed would fit the arms more comfortably. A larger blanket throw should adequately cover the foot of the bed. Your throw's dimensions should match the furniture piece on which you want to put it.

Design and Fashion

Throw blankets ought to appear as inviting as they do. Pick a style that works well with the decor of your house. Larger, more dramatic throws are ideal in expansive rooms, while lighter, smaller throws work better in compact spaces.

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It is not easy to determine the right or wrong response to colour. In order to create a unified effect, you should generally select a hue that complements the rest of your living room furniture's colour scheme. Fleece blankets are available in multiple colours including Black, Burgundy, Grey, Yellow, Coffee, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, SilverPinkPurpleRustCamelEmerald green and Teal.

However, you can always use a colourful, patterned blanket as a playful statement piece, like a sofa throw or chair throw, if you discover one that you adore. You'll be able to discover a friendly alternative here whether you choose which colour blanket is best for you based on your favourite colour or based on the colour wheel. Sherpa fleece blankets are available in multiple colours including silvergrey, Navy blueburgundycoffeeblackcamelochrelight bluerustpurplepinkteal and green.

At last:

Throws and blankets are worthwhile additions because they are helpful in a home. You can use a throw as the main blanket on your bed or give a stylish touch to that chair in the corner of your home! When needed, you could also quickly place it on top of your duvet cover to offer a little extra style and warmth.

You'll discover that sleeping with a throw is the best transition you've made all year, regardless of the weather.