Stylish Bedspreads - A luxury Addition To Your Bed

Your bedding will look lovely with the addition of a bedspread. The hotter summer months are also an excellent time to use them. If you want to sleep better comfortably in the warm months, try using a bedspread and a bed sheet. It's essential to pick a bedspread with stain resistance or accessible cleaning features because they frequently wind up on the floor if they are down from the bed in the middle of the night. 

Bedspreads are frequently discovered in hotels and are ideal for guest rooms or any bedroom with a retro design. Let's learn more about how they can offer luxury to your bedroom before purchasing a new one or adding your next bedspread.

What Is Bedspread?

It is a thin, quilted bedspread cover that you can use to dress up your bed. They are typically the full size of the bed, big enough to cover all the cushions and hang over the edges. They are also frequently folded in half to create a stylish presentation that highlights a variety of textures, colours, and patterns, especially if they are the accent colour of your duvet cover.

Benefits Of Adding A Stylish Bedspread To Your Mattress 

1.  Keep Sheets And Mattresses Clean

A bedspread can shield the mattress or bed sheets from typical home irritants that could harm your health in the long run. It stops bacteria or dust mites from migrating into the mattress and surviving in the darkness. Using a bedspread across the entire bed helps stop certain mites or bacteria from worsening skin ailments or causing respiratory problems to worsen.

2.   Style Statement

A bedspread can be the answer if you're unhappy with the appearance of your bedroom or think your bed could use a splash of colour. The range of bedspreads comes in various colours or patterns to satisfy your artistic side. Some brands even provide matching bed sheets, pillowcases, and other accessories for a total bedroom makeover.

3.   Cosier Than Sheets

Because of the chilly winter months and rising heating bills, some people use bedspreads and comforters. A bedspread can give extra warmth to your bedroom without raising your heating bills if you don't want to make the air inside stuffy or too heated.

You may move the bedspread to different places on the bed for yourself or your partner, making it a controllable heat source. This is especially useful if, even in the winter, the two individuals sharing the bed have differing preferences for the heat's intensity at night.

Different Types Of Bedspreads

Bedspreads may be found in several different styles. The most popular bedspread designs in the UK are as follows.

Quilted Bedspreads

Quilted bedspreads combine the top, middle, and bottom levels of fabric. Several patterns and motifs may be used for the stitching. These cosy, toasty bedspreads are ideal for the cooler months.

 Woven Bedspreads

Bedspreads are woven by interlacing threads of various hues and textures to produce a lovely design. These thin blankets are perfect for warm weather. They come in a range of styles, from traditional to modern.

Printed Bedspreads

A piece of cloth is printed with a pattern to create printed bedspreads. Several materials, including cotton, silk, and polyester, may be used to create them. Patterned bedspreads are ideal for any bedroom since they are available in various hues and designs.

Embroidered Bedspreads

A piece of cloth is embroidered by sewing a pattern onto it. The stitching may be done in various colours, and the pattern can be complex or straightforward. These bedspreads are ideal for giving any bedroom a dash of sophistication.

Patchwork Bedspreads

Little pieces of cloth are sewn together to form more significant designs in patchwork bedspreads. The counterpane may be made from pieces with various colours, patterns, and textures. Every bedroom may benefit from the whimsical addition of these bedspreads.

There are many different kinds of bedspreads on the market, each with a distinctive look and appeal. Make your selection based on how well it fits in with the rest of your decor and your own particular tastes.

How To Choose The Perfect Bedspread?

It might be challenging to choose the ideal bedspread, but it's essential to do so to ensure that it meets your demands. Consider these guidelines as you search for the perfect bedspread.

Bedspread Size And Dimensions

Make sure you are aware of the size and measurements of your bed before beginning your bedspread search. A bedspread that is too huge or too little won't look well or provide the required coverage. Measure the mattress's length, breadth, and depth and consider any additional length you may need for overhang.

The Bedspread's Fabric And Texture

Your bedspread's texture and substance might change how your bedroom appears overall. Think about the many available fabrics, such as cotton, silk, polyester, or a combination of materials. Consider the bedspread's texture and feel if you prefer something smooth and silky or textured and comforting. You should choose a material that is simple to keep clean and maintain.

Bedspread Patterns And Colours

The colours and designs of bedspreads are varied. Choose a counterpane that complements your bedroom's colour design by considering it. Your own choices will determine whether you choose a solid colour or a printed or patterned design. Remember that although a neutral or pastel tone might relax, a strong pattern or bright colour can make a statement.

UK Bedspread Sizes

In the UK, bedspread sets come in different standard sizes, from single to super king. Additionally, bedspreads occasionally deviate from accepted bedding dimensions. Finding the ideal match depends on your preferences, bed size, and desired look. You can pick a bedspread with no overhang that will fit precisely on your bedding. 

Another option is to have a larger blanket that can fold over to have a tiered appearance or a plush overhang that reaches the floor. These factors will all affect the blanket size selection.

Single Bedspread

The standard single bedspread size is 135 x 200 inches or 53 x 78 inches. Equivalent to a single duvet in dimensions. You should purchase them to ensure a perfect fit on your single bed. However, many people prefer to have their bedspreads dangle over the edge of the bed, so you might want to size up. Single bedspreads are excellent to have in guest bedrooms and kid's rooms because they may instantly change the appearance of the space. 

It offers a decorative touch and provides an extra layer of insulation throughout the winter.

Double Bedspread

Similar in size to a double duvet, a double bedspread measures 78 x 78 inches or 200 x 200 cm. A double blanket may give your bedding a new look, mainly if your bedroom uses some colour. You should get a double bedspread if you want it to fit your double bed nicely. 

This guarantees there won't be an overhang because the extra material can make the blanket challenging to move about. If you like the look of an extended bedcover, you can just go with a king-size.

King-Size Bedspread

A king-size bedspread measures 90 x 86 inches or 230 x 220 cm, and it fits the bed wonderfully. Many people love to layer their bedding, and king-size bedspreads may give any bedroom a sense of luxury and beauty. You are adding to the amount of bedding on your bed when you stack it, beginning with the linens and continuing to the bedspread. 

The finishing touch will be your king-size bedspread, so you should always think about the colour and fabric you want to use.

Super-King Size Bedspread

102 x 86 inches, or 260 x 220 cm, is the minimum size for a super king bedspread. Super king size bedspreads are the largest bedspreads you can buy because super king beds are the largest regular UK bed size available. It may make a considerable difference to decorate your bed in bedding, making it look even more opulent when your bedroom's focal point is a big bed. 

Super king bedspreads are essential to the bed's decor since they provide the finishing touch and may cause you to focus on the bed first when you enter the room.

How Do You Measure A Bedspread?

Before making your initial purchase, you must measure where the bedspread will go. Choosing a single bedspread for a single bed is only sometimes straightforward because of the depth of the mattress. A heated blanket or mattress topper might affect the total measurement.


  • Across the top of a mattress, it measures breadth left-to-right.
  • You may determine a mattress's length by laying a measuring tape over its top from head to toe.
  • The height of a bed serves as a reference point to determine how far the depth of a mattress actually is.

Measure your bed from the floor on one side to the other across—the breadth of your bed to determine the appropriate length of your bedspread. You can subtract a few centimetres from the total measurement if you don't want your bedspread to reach the floor. 

Additionally, if you discover that the bedspread you purchased does not reach the floor despite your desire, you should pick the following size up.

How To Layer Bedspreads With Other Bedroom Décor?

To layer bedspreads with another bedroom decor, use these suggestions:

  1.       Use contrasting textures: Combine and mix various textures to provide an eye-catching, dynamic appearance. Consider combining a quilted blanket with a plush cushion or a soft throw.
  2.       Consider the colour scheme: Choose complementary hues to create a stunning effect. If your bedding is bland, add splashes of colour with cushions or a blanket in a bright shade.
  3.       Play with the pattern: Play with patterns and designs to develop a unique, personalised style. An excellent way to blend patterns is to use polka dots and geometric shapes with flowers.
  4.       Layer with blankets: Cover your bedspread with a soft blanket to make the room cosier. This is particularly helpful in the wintertime.
  5.       Pillows are essential: Use them to bind everything together. Combine various sizes and shapes, and consider using pillowcases or pillow shams in complementary hues or patterns.

Affordable And Easy DIY Bedspread Styles

Here are some simple, inexpensive DIY bedspread ideas:

  1.       No-sew fleece blanket: Get a few yards of fleece fabric from your neighbourhood craft shop, then just cut it to size to create a no-sew fleece blanket. No stitching is necessary!
  2.       Patchwork quilt: Use leftover fabric or worn-out clothing to make a patchwork quilt. Cut rectangles or squares, then stitch them in a design.
  3.       Duvet cover: Get a white duvet cover and add a unique pattern using fabric paint or dye. Instead, make a design using iron-on transfers or stencils.
  4.       Tassel throw: Get a basic throw blanket and add tassels to the corners for a tassel throw. The tassels may be made using yarn or embroidery thread.
  5.       Tie-dye sheet: Get a white cotton sheet and use tie-dye to decorate it with vibrant patterns. This is a simple and enjoyable way to give your bedding some individuality.
  6.       Stencilled pillowcases: Create simple pillowcases using stencils and fabric paint. This is an easy way to give your bedding a splash of colour or design.
  7.       Upcycled bedspread: If you've got an old quilt or bedspread you no longer use, think about upcycling it by putting decorations or chopping it up to make a new pattern.

These inexpensive and simple DIY bedspread ideas are a great way to give your bedroom individuality without going over budget.

Maintenance And Care For Bedspreads

A bedspread requires only minimal maintenance. Bedspreads are lighter and thinner than a quilt or bulky comforter, making them easier to launder. 

  1. Try washing your bedspread at least once a month if you use it as your main blanket and bed linens. 
  2. On the label of your bedspread, there will be precise cleaning instructions that state whether to machine-wash, hand-wash, or dry-clean only.
  3. Your bedding will dry in a day if you air dry it by hanging it outside in the sun. 
  4. Drying indoors may take two days. 
  5. Additionally, because bedspreads frequently reach the floor, you should pay attention to how the edges are doing because they may fray or get dirty with time.

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Due to bedspreads' decorative design and construction, you can use them in any bedroom in your house. They are most desirable for guest rooms. It is possible to use bedspreads all year round, but they cannot provide enough warmth in the winter. During the summer, choose to use a bedspread and a flat sheet for a more cosy and airy night's sleep.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between a bedspread and throws?

Lightweight and quilted bedspreads help enclose the bed completely. Throws come in various fabrics and colours, although smaller than bedspreads. For sleeping on warm nights in the summer, you can use bedspreads with a flat sheet. 

On the other hand, rows offer excellent warmth and are ideal for keeping at the foot of the bed when the weather becomes chilly.

How can bedspreads improve the quality of your sleep?

By giving you warmth and comfort, bedspreads enhance the quality of your sleep. You may sleep better and longer with cosy, comfy bedding. Also, it may enhance the attractiveness and cosiness of your bed, improving your mood and level of comfort while you sleep.

What differentiates a bedspread from a duvet cover?

An ornamental covering called a counterpane is intended to cover the whole bed, including the pillows. For warmth, it is often quilted or stuffed with synthetic or natural materials and is generally constructed of a heavier material. On the other hand, a duvet cover is a detachable covering made to fit over a duvet or comforter. It protects the duvet or comforter and makes it simpler to wash. It is often composed of a lighter material.

Can bedspreads be used all year round?

Sure, bedspreads may be used all year round; however, the kind you choose will depend on the local environment. Choose a lighter counterpane, or move to a thinner blanket or sheet during the warmer months. A thicker bedspread or blanket will provide incredible warmth and comfort throughout the cooler months.

Can I mix and match different bedspreads in the same room?

Sure, you may combine several counterpane designs in one space to get a distinctive and eclectic aesthetic. But, it's crucial to choose bedspreads whose colour, pattern, and texture go well together. Choose a neutral base colour with accent cushions, blankets, or other items to add splashes of colour or design.