9 Basic Tips On How To Coordinate Your Rug And Sofa

Many people like rugs because of the beauty and excitement they provide to a room and because they bring together everything else in the room, from the decorations to the furniture to the appliances and everything else.

In order to get a style that is consistent throughout the living room, it is essential to ensure that the rug and the sofa are appropriately sized. Indeed, they are the two most oversized objects in the room! But how can you choose which elements of your house and lifestyle will work best together? We've got you! Below, we'll show you how to choose a rug to complement your sofa.

The Dimensions Of The Rug Area

The area shaggy rug size should be your first consideration when coordinating it with the couch. When buying rugs, many people have the misconception that the larger the rug, the better it is. 

Shaggy rugs available in different colours including Rust, grey, rainbow, beige, ochre, pink, brown, cream and black.

However, this is only sometimes the case. You shouldn't get a tiny rug since it will make your room appear like a deserted island amid a vast ocean, but you also should wait to buy a huge area rug because it will make your room look cluttered rather than elegant.

Taking precise measurements of the furniture placed on the area rug will allow you to avoid the two unfortunate scenarios described. You also need to have a solid understanding of the various size of area rugs and the dimensions ideal for your living space.

Knowing your sofa's length, width, and depth will make selecting a matching rug a breeze.

Seek A Complementary Hue

The best approach to match a rug with your sofa is to do it this way. Locate a similar hue on your rug and sofa, and you will successfully complete the task.

If you have a patterned rug that you'd want to use in your living room but don't want it to be too dominant or compete with the rest of the room's design, this is the approach that we suggest you take.

The textured grey sofa in the background looks great with washable carpeting since it has grey and black tones all over it.

Coordination Of Colors

It is of the highest significance to get the colour or pattern of a rug just right since it is responsible for more than 30% of the overall colour scheme of a space. However, the colour one chooses for carpeting is a matter of taste. Use these guidelines as a foundation for making your decision.

  • If you want the rug to be the primary centre of attention in the space, choose a hue that is more vibrant than the colour of the walls, the couch, and any other pieces of furniture.
  • Opt for a rug with a pattern if you have a couch that is all one colour and light neutral, as this will help break up the solid block of colour.
  • Choose a rug in a solid colour if your couch has a pattern or if it comes in more than one colour.
  • A rug with a light hue will make the room seem more significant, while a dark one would make the space appear smalle

The secondary colour of a patterned vintage rug should be chosen to complement the colour of your couch. It is essential that the third hue in the rug complements the window curtains, throw pillows, and other decorations in the space. Remember to pay attention to the colours in any artwork you create.
There is a staggering variety of exquisite carpets available on the market nowadays. 

Try Combining Different Textures

As was just said, the human eye is drawn to and delighted by juxtapositions of contrasting elements. Aside from using opposing colour palettes, utilising contrasting textural patterns is another beautiful method to combine a rug with your sofa.

Rugs are available in various materials and textures, but rolling out a fluffy shag rug is our go-to method for creating the perfect contrast between two spaces. Not only does it add that warm touch to your living space, but it also works wonderfully with fabrics for couches of various sorts, including velvets, tweeds, and leathers.

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Complement Your Rug With Various Textiles

The excellent news about interior design is that every component in a room works together, which means that your rug and sofa do not need to match up precisely for them to function within the context of the space as a whole.

The colours of your rug should be coordinated with the textiles displayed throughout the space, whether those textiles are cushions, blankets, curtains, or upholstery on other pieces of furniture. This is one method to create coherence in the area as a whole.

Rug Material

Rugs may be crafted from various materials, including wool, silk, cotton, polypropylene, and other similar substances. When you are looking to choose a couch that complements the rug you have in your house, it is crucial to take into consideration the rug's material as well as the manufacturing method that was used.

Build Up For More Depth And Richness

Do you want to include more than one of the design aspects described above in the look of your sofa and rug combination? Don't hold back! Combining two rugs is one of our go-to strategies for sprucing up the look of a room and giving it more depth and character. You could layer a strongly patterned rug over a jute rug with a solid design, or you could choose two rugs in the same colouring but with opposing patterns. Experiment with different permutations to find out which gives your area the most positive vibe!

Think About The Shapes

When it comes to harmonising the shape of your area rug with the existing sofa, shapes might be another challenge. However, your furniture arrangement should serve as the primary guide for determining the form of your kitchen rug.

The presence of rectangular chairs in a room only sometimes implies a need for a rectangular area rug.

When pairing a couch with an area rug in your house, it is often best to choose a design that emphasises forms that complement one another rather than one that seeks to match everything.

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Different Designs And Fashions

Most rugs, particularly Oriental and Persian carpets, are often patterned with floral or geometric designs, although the patterns on contemporary synthetic rugs are frequently more diverse.

As a result, you can prevent clashing patterns in your living room by harmonising the area with rugs and furnishings with similar patterns. You may get an even more understated look by pairing basic furniture with either plain or patterned carpets.

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Stunning Rugs Suitable For Any Sofa

There is nothing quite like a traditional scandi rug placed underfoot to highlight the elegance of a high-quality couch.

The extensive selection of lovely couches offered by Oxford Homeware is sure to bring out the most eye-catching qualities of your rug in the best possible manner.

Products from Oxford Homeware's living room collection will be the focal point of your area, whether you go for neutrals, vibrant colours, or traditional patterns.