Crushed Velvet Eyelet Window Curtains Ochre
Crushed Velvet Eyelet Window Curtains Ochre
Crushed Velvet Eyelet Window Curtains Ochre
Crushed Velvet Eyelet Window Curtains Ochre

Crushed Velvet Eyelet Window Curtains Ochre


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With time, windows become old and give a downside to your room décor. Adding window curtains can upgrade your window’s feel. Oxford Homeware presents these velvet window curtains to enhance your space ambiance instantly.

Made from 100% pure crushed velvet, finished with the care and passion of our professionals, these luxurious Crushed Velvet Curtains are the right ones to enjoy the royal feel in your space. These Ochre Velvet Window Curtains' ultra-soft and magnificent velvety texture will give your windows an opulent feel, making them a centrepiece.

Oxford Homeware is always committed to delivering quality products with 100% customer satisfaction. With these window curtains, you can sleep peacefully.  These velvet curtains will let you achieve a blackout effect blocking all external light and noises with its high G.S.M fabric. Our velvet window curtains are a prior choice for heavy and sensitive sleepers.

Oxford Homeware, a choice you will never regret. We offer a comprehensive range of colours with versatile tones in these crushed velvet curtains. With the range of vibrant and dull colours, you can utilize these as both Living room window curtains, Bedroom window curtains & Kitchen window curtains.

Window sizes vary from space to space, so finding a perfectly sized one might be challenging. Don't worry; Oxford Homeware has your back. We offer a broad sizing range in these windows curtains to fit easily with any sized window. The perfect size and design of these window curtains make these usable as Modern Bathroom window curtains.

These velvet curtains come with an eyelet heading style to make the installation process easier for you. The use of shimmering eyelet rings will make the installation processor easier combined with enhancing your curtain’s opulent feel.


  • Size Availability: We offer the readymade crushed velvet curtains in 6 different standard size including 46"x54”, 66"x54” & 66"x72”. 
  • Colors Availability: crushed velvet curtains are available in 8 vibrant colors. This includes charcoal, pink, green, black, blue, grey, burgundy, & Beige.
  • Fabric Material: 100% pure velvet material is used as a raw material.
  • Washing instruction: Machine washable using a gentle cycle or can be dry cleaned.
  • Matching sets: Matching Duvet set and Bedspread are available.
Make your windows a captivating one with this set of opulent Ochre Velvet Window Curtains from Oxford Homeware.
• Velvet window curtains are a nice add-up to your windows. These luxuriously opulent ochre window curtains from Oxford Homeware will instantly elevate your space ambiance to a royal one.
• This window curtains set is a versatile premium product. You can use these curtains in both living rooms and bedrooms. If you are searching for window curtains for the living room, then these ochre Velvet window curtains are the ones you were looking for.
We deliver the Luxury
Oxford Homeware is committed to delivering premium quality at your steps. Our professionals work round the clock to finish these ochre velvet window curtains with great care and immense perfection using 100% pure crushed velvet fabric. Catch the eye of your guests with this opulent beige window curtain set.
Enjoy Relaxing Sleep
• We offer these velvet curtains with the excellent quality fabric of high G.S.M to achieve a blackout effect. This window curtain will let you sleep peacefully by blocking all external lights and noises from busy roads, making these a precedent choice for late and sensitive sleepers.
• Oxford Homeware truly cares for its customers. With these ochre velvet window curtains, you can reduce your energy usage bills as these are equipped with high insulation capabilities. This window curtain set will help to maintain your room temperature as these offer high insulation.
Eyelet Heading Style
Hanging curtains may be challenging for many. For this, Oxford Homeware has come up with an eyelet heading style in these ochre velvet window curtains to make the installation process unchallenging. You need to pass your curtain rod through the eyelet rings, and your curtains are ready to deliver the refreshing feel.
Sizing Range
Window sizes vary from home to home, and your window curtains should be persistent in size with your windows. Oxford Homeware, one solution to all, offers this ochre Velvet Window Curtains with a comprehensive range of sizes. You can now select the size according to your window measurements and enjoy a perfect fit.
Washing Instructions
One should be washing this window curtain set frequently to maintain the magnificent look and opulent feel. But great care should be taken while washing these velvet window curtains. We strongly recommend only dry cleaning these curtains to maintain the fabric quality and prolong the life of your window curtains.