Velvet Bedding


      Velvet bedding are an excellent choice for the winter season or for those who live in snowy areas. They are super hot and sticky which keeps you warm all night & helps you get a comfortable sleep. Moreover, velvet single bedding is the best cuddling beddings ever. They are not much breathable, which may lead to suffocation and uneasiness. The velvet bedding sets come in formal beddings & are used for some special occasions mostly. You may not find the velvet bedding sets readily, as not many online stores and home decor retailers offer them. To buy the velvet bedding sets in just a few clicks, visit our store, the oxford homeware.

      Why Oxford Homeware?

      We have an immense collection of oxford homeware when it comes to velvet bedding. We have a professional and well-quailed team that has an in-depth knowledge of interior design. We work together to bring new designs according to our customer demands. Moreover, our manufacturers are professionals as well who have been working in this field for years. They do not compromise on the quality of bedding sets and prefer to use only high-quality fabric materials. We use computerized methods & sophisticated techniques to stitch our bedding sets to ensure exquisite finishing and uniform and elegant stitching.

      Features of our velvet bedding sets:

      We offer you the plain bedding sets as well as the crushed velvet bedding sets on our website. Which come in a large variety and offer you great comfort. Our velvet bedding sets are made at automatic looms and have a soft pile, which results in comfortable and soft bedding sets. The velvet bedding sets appear shimmery when they reflect light at different angles and look beautiful. They add a touch of mystery to the bedroom as well. 

      Bedding designs: we have an extensive range of designs at our store. These designs are made elegantly and create a beautiful & unique look. We offer you plain, jacquard, embossed, patchwork, and floral velvet bedding sets and king-size duvet cover sets. Our velvet bedding sets UK are available at cheap and reasonable rates throughout the UK, so feel free to place an order anywhere from the UK to get your favorite bedding at your door.

      Bedding sizes: we have all the standard sizes at our store when it comes to velvet bedding sets. we provide single, twin, large, king size, & super king size beddings at our store. moreover, you can also choose between the 3pc, 4pc, 5pc, 7pc, & 13pc velvet beddings. 

      We have crushed velvet curtains in all color schemes and beautiful designs at our store. You can match them with the double bedding set to create an enriched look. To know the product details, click on them, and the details will appear in the same window. If you find that these details are not enough, click in the bottom right corner and ask our team members directly. We are always available to answer your queries and help you find the best products for your place.