Single Blankets


      The Oxford Homeware Single Blankets are perfect for keeping you warm on chilly winter nights. These luxuriously plush wool blankets are ideal for keeping warm in the winter. Ten customized heat settings are available on the digital controller, allowing you to find the perfect temperature for you. The blanket also has an automated shut-off mechanism that turns it off after 10 hours.

      Here are some benefits of long single blankets:

      Offer Safety

      Long single blankets will assist keep your valuable furniture clean if you have children or dogs roaming around. Let's face it, no one wants to clean up spills or fur on their sofa. Throws serve as a physical barrier to keep things tidy and safe. You can easily purchase a single blanket online from the comfort of your own home.

      Single blankets online are a more appealing option than cushion coverings or protectors when shopping online. Furthermore, they will not deprive you of any comfort. If anything, they'll make using your furniture more pleasurable.

      Breathable and soft

      These blankets have taken the greatest aspects of wool and elevated them to a new level. Wool is more comfy, breathable, and softer than any other material, making it a fantastic bedding choice because it will not suffocate you or cause discomfort.

      We also have a range of