Cotton Bedding


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      Cotton bedding is popular and has been used extensively for quite long. They are very beneficial & offer great comfort as well. Cotton beddings are moisture absorbant & are equally useful for both the summer & the winter season. They keep the body at the moderate temperature & provide cooling by absorbing the body’s moisture. Similarly, during the winter season, they retain the body heat & keep the body warm and dry. So to get the perfect night’s sleep, it is advisable to use the cotton beddings. The cotton beddings are available easily at many online stores and the home décor retailer. Still, it is necessary to buy them from trusted stpore that guarantees the softness and the durability of bedding sets. 

      To buy the cotton bedding sets online, visiting the oxford homeware store in the first place is the best choice. We have a vast collection at our store, which is designed according to the latest trending fashion styles. We have a professional and qualified team that always keeps on working and trying to bring new designs. Our manufacturers put all possible efforts to make the cotton beddings and care about the details too. So to buy the well-made cotton bedding, shop from our store. 

      Features of cotton bedding of Oxford Homeware:

       Buying the cotton bedding from Oxford Homeware is the best decision.  We have an exciting series of cotton bedding sets UK. So place an order anywhere from the UK and get your favorite cotton bed sets at your door in the next few days. Our cotton beddings surpass the ordinary bedding sets in many ways. They have better color schemes, softness and comfort levels, designs, and size availability. 

      Bedding fabric material: we use 100% pure and organic cotton bedding sets for its valued customers. The cotton fabric is handwoven or by computerized techniques. We offer you a high thread count of 250 to 400, the high thread count refers to the durability & the softness of the cotton bedding.

      Bedding designs: we have all the latest & beautiful designs in our stock when it comes to cotton bedding sets. We offer you the check, floral, plain, 3d, and striped cotton beddings. These designs are computer make and offer you a neat and delicate look. 

      Available sizes: Everyone has a different size of the bed, so need a bedding set accordingly. We offer you the cotton bedding and duvet covers for each standard size. From our store, you can buy the single, double, twin, large, king-size, and super king size cotton bedding. Our bedding sets come in 3pc, 4pc, 5pc, 7pc, and 13pc. Along with the multiple sets and size availability, you can buy the matching curtains and cushion with your bedding sets as well. We also offer you to choose between the filled pillow and the pillow cover. 

      So buy from our immense collection today and place the order immediately. We are available 24/7 to take your orders!