Blue Blankets


      Blue Blankets

      The Oxford Homeware blue blankets are perfect for keeping toasty all year. These blankets' Scotchgard humidity control coating drains water away, keeping you warm and dry throughout the night. The stitching Box-quilting also prevents the fill from changing, adding warmth and comfort. The ending wonderfully frames these blankets, creating a rich finished edge that is ideal for presenting on your bed.

      The following are among the benefits of utilizing a bed blanket:

      Pain that lasts a long time

      Therapy is among the at-home treatments for chronic pain that has been recommended. Similar to one previous study, employing wool light blue blankets for relaxation techniques may reduce pain responses in people with chronic implant devices by starting with reduced pressure, then increasing to sufficient pressure, and finally utilizing deep pressure.


      Among the most basic forms of a bed, the blue fleece blanket is for anxiety therapy. Deep pressure treatment has been shown to help reduce sympathetic arousal in the past. This arousal is what causes anxiety symptoms like an accelerated heart rate. Our blue blankets in the UK reduced the anxiety.


      We also have a range of