The Best Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel

We've all fantasised about staying in an opulent hotel room at some point in our life to enjoy the ambience. A stay in a luxury hotel is unmatched for pure enjoyment. Getting a better night's sleep than at home may be due to the quiet of a room with plush rugs, clean, crisp white bedding sheets, and lovely furnishings. The ultra-comfy mattresses, the velvety curtains and bedding set, and the quiet surroundings might make it seem like a mini-vacation all by itself.

Of all, we cannot visit a hotel every day just to experience that pleasure. How about turning your bedroom into a luxury hotel? Here's how you can transform your bedroom into a luxurious hotel room.

how to decor your room like a hotel

Relish Some Space In A King-Sized Bed

Let's face it; hotel suites frequently have much more space than the typical primary bedroom. Due to this, they often have a super king bed or even two double beds. Even though a bed for each person may not be feasible at home, you can find starfish on one of our roomy king-size mattresses while you sleep.

A king-size mattress will provide an additional 6 inches in width and 3 inches in length in addition to the same luxurious comfort to make a small bedroom feel luxurious, which is perfect if you or your companion are tall.

Luxurious Sheets

The most straightforward technique to generate the impression of a small hotel room interior design is to have beautiful bedsheets on your bed. Choose a crisp, white set of sheets with a thread count of at least 300 if you want to maintain the hotel room's appearance. Although sateen or percale sheets are frequently used in hotel rooms, you should pick the one that feels most cosy.

You might spend more money to have your sheets done professionally so they will return home neatly ironed. Consider buying two or three sets of linens from a brand you really adore so you always have them on hand.

Throw In An Armchair

Even though the bed is typically the centre of attention in any bedroom, a deep armchair can add to the sense of luxury. Put a more extended sofa at the foot of your bed for a luxurious, hotel-like vibe, or set it in the corner of your room next to some books for a chic reading area. Enjoy your updated, opulent bedroom after adding colourful throw blankets to tie the space together; the best ways to improve your bedroom.

Limit The Number Of Cushions

Don't get us wrong; we adore the ability of throw pillows to give your bedroom a personal touch and creativity flourish. Simply don't go overboard! Keep things streamlined and straightforward for the best hotel experience, as you don't actually hire personnel to remove them from your bed each night.

Use A Plush Comforter And A Duvet

When you've successfully filled a duvet, you'll wonder how you've ever slept without one. One of the many keys to a perfect hotel night's sleep is an oversized, hefty comforter with a breathable duvet (as long as you're not allergic). Extra fluffiness is added by a duvet that is a few inches longer on each side.

Change Your Mattress For A Superior Mattress

It makes sense that the first step in making your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel is to replace the mattress you sleep on each night.

The most delicate part of this situation is that you can get a mattress that meets your requirements and tastes. You can get a mattress designed expressly for side sleepers, for instance, if you are one of them. Similarly, there are mattresses made of gel memory foam, which support the back, etc. In this manner, you can get the most excellent comfort possible from a luxurious bed and the best way to decorate your room so that you can wake up feeling rejuvenated the following day.

Additional Mattress Protector

Speaking of bed necessities, an excellent mattress cover can improve your bed's comfort and increase the mattress's longevity. They keep your mattress fresh and stain- and odour-free. Some mattress coverings now come in temperature-regulating varieties that help you stay calm and wick moisture away while you sleep.

More Pillow Is Better

They weren't talking about pillows when they declared that less is more. In the better hotels, there are often two to four pillows, roughly two fibre-filled cushions, and sometimes a few decorative pillows. Adding this to your room will also make it look better. Check to determine if you have an allergy.

Put In A Personalized Rug

Making the walls look white, off-white, or grey can help the space feel more opulent. Bring the focus on a soft rug or go all-out with one made of natural fibres to blend with the room's natural colours. This will also make you feel warmer and more at ease. Make sure to maintain the rug's cleanliness and condition.

Consider Your Curtains

The light must sometimes be blocked or filtered, though. Saturdays and early summer mornings come to mind. So, for better sleep, follow the lead of hotels and purchase blackout curtains, the best ways to make your room cold. Additionally, to decide how much light and sound you want to let in, pair them with lighter, sheer window coverings for the full effect.

Keep Your Bedroom Neutral And Soothing

You should have already observed that the colour scheme of boutique hotels is very restful and neutral. One of the leading causes of the peaceful feeling you experience upon entering one is this.

Choose paint hues like cream, beige, pastel blue, off-white, lilac, and others for your bedroom. It is OK to use brighter colours, but neutral hues are more calming and peaceful.

Lighting Is Vital

In addition to making it more difficult to fall asleep, harsh white light can also make the space feel cold. When designing a luxurious bedroom, adequate lighting is warm, yellowish lighting. Consider installing a bulb with a lower Kelvin rating. Include plenty of tiny lamps for late-night reading, and get a chandelier for a vibrant look.

Pick Freestanding Special Furniture

Freestanding furniture is over-fitted since it will always have a more upscale feel. Fitted is excellent for maximising the available space, but it can have a pretty drab, boxy vibe.

If possible, attempt to find components from the same range that complement one another without being identical. This approach has a more tailored and refined feel. Matching two bedside cabinets is acceptable, but try to find a similar wardrobe or chest of drawers but not identical. It can be challenging to execute, but you must ensure all the components have the same material, form, or creation date.

Dualize Everything

The purpose of hotel suites is to be shared, just like master bedrooms. As a result, everything is typically available in pairs. Two lamps, a bedside table on each side of the bed, and a plug for each phone are also provided. These days, it's not unusual for everyone to have their own robe.

Your bedroom will seem more hotel-like when these basic comforts are included and feel more symmetrical and balanced.

Don't Neglect About The Smaller Things

Include touches of luxury and indulgence in your bedroom to complete the atmosphere. Anything, even postcards and magazine covers, can be used to frame your favourite works of art. or design a wall of pictures.

And arrange your bedside table such that it is ideal for you. Put things there that will make you happy, like aromatic candles and fresh flowers, or things that encourage self-care, like a thick hand cream.

The Bathroom Shouldn't Be Neglected

In a hotel, everyone appreciates a spacious, spotless bathroom. Making your own bathroom as sleek and contemporary as a hotel's can really set the mood. Put cosmetics and other toiletries in drawers or a box to keep the counter space around the sink clear. Arrange a tiny basket with the day's essentials on a marble serving platter. You should stock your bathroom with necessities such as washcloths, excess toilet rolls, liquid soap, a bath mat, and a towel. Just add a light or a fancy perfume bottle to finish the effect.

Luxury hotels are more than simply a place to lay your head while travelling; they can also calm our brains and relax our bodies, which is why many individuals want to replicate them in their own homes. Even while we may not be able to go to exotic locations and experience 5-star service, we may at least have a good night's sleep in a bedroom that resembles a luxurious hotel.