What Makes Velvet Such A Good Material For Home Interiors

Velvet is undoubtedly already one of your favourite textiles if all you appreciate is a little touch of luxury. Maintaining self-control in the face of such fantastic decadence and smoothness is pretty challenging. Velvet sofas and armchairs can look fantastic in all velvet styles in interior design and are a great way to bring warmth, colour, and classic beauty into your living area.

We're here to persuade you to change your opinion if, like many people, you still need to sell on velvet. Unexpectedly, this material is an excellent option for homes with young children or pets because it is unapologetically luxurious and highly functional. Your living area will have more elegance and personality and is made of sturdy, hard-wearing material like velvet.

We're breaking down some of the many advantages velvet fabric offers to demonstrate its superiority and how beautiful one may appear in your home.

Velvet: What Is It?

Velvet's short, thick pile gives it a one-of-a-kind texture and an elegant appearance. The synthetic materials polyester and rayon are also used in its production.

Types of Velvet

Velvet comes in a variety of varieties, and each has its own unique features. The following are examples of popular velvets:

Cotton velvet: Cotton velvet is long-lasting, breathable, and simple to care for since cotton is the primary ingredient. Fabrics made from it are often utilised for such purposes.

Silk velvet: The velvet's softness, gloss, and drape are all hallmarks of silk velvet, which is woven from silk fibres. It's a common material for designer sofas, coats, and handbags.

Mohair velvet: The Angora goat is used to create Mohair velvet, renowned for its resilience, lustre, and resistance to crushing. Its everyday use is in home decor accessories like pillows and curtains.

Polyester velvet: Polyester velvet is the most popular kind of velvet because of its long list of desirable qualities, including its low cost, low care requirements, and long lifespan. It's a popular material for furniture and ornamental purposes.

Rayon velvet: Rayon velvet is noted for its softness, drape, and low price since it is crafted from natural cellulose fibres. Its everyday use is in upholstery and textiles.

Blended velvet: Fabrics like cotton and polyester or silk and rayon are combined to create blended velvet. It combines the strengths of many different fabrics, including durability and comfort.

Benefits of Using Velvet In-Home Interiors

Improved Comfort And Warmth

Mixing plush linen and velvet furniture like a velvet sofa with an anti-slip sofa cover makes cosy nights spent at home with wine, friends, and family more enjoyable because it is both comfortable and sturdy. It adds warmth to a minimalist look while also complementing more conventional design and giving it a modern edge. 

In the end, a velvet sofa is a stylish accent item that also offers much comfort for daily use.

Velvet Is Durable 

Although velvet may appear beautiful, soft, and opulent, it is actually powerful. Mainly durable velvet is one made of polyester.

Velvet performs incredibly well on the rub test. The rub test involves repeatedly rubbing the fabric with a specialised machine to simulate use. The test is finished when the fabric exhibits symptoms of wear, and the number of rubs determines the score and predicts the fabric's durability. Contract furniture that must withstand rigorous use is put to the rub test. Hotels, restaurants, and taverns regularly employ velvet.

Enhanced Protection

They look great, but can they keep up to regular use and time? We frequently imagine velvet as delicate and consequently tricky to maintain, having once only been used in the most abundant and expensive situations. However, we are here to disprove that assertion for you since it is simply not true!

Synthetic velvet is less likely to be marked, faded, or crushed when produced from high-quality polyester. So you get the same velvet feel and look with enhanced protection.

Minimise Sun-fading

Because of the fabric's thickness, velvet curtains will add a solid and seductive aspect to the space. And that the window treatment's lining will hang wildly. Use velvet curtains or drapes since they reduce noise. They occasionally need to be treated for dust cleaning and de-listed. 

Additionally, using a liner of the right thickness is crucial to prevent the fabric from fading from the sun and for aesthetic reasons.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Velvet has a sleek, contemporary appearance that begs you to unwind and lounge comfortably. A velvet sofa looks different from every viewpoint because the fibres reflect light differently. It is a piece that makes a statement exudes sophistication, and will always convey stunning luxury.

It Creates Mood

Do you constantly fall for the sinister and enigmatic types? Then velvet will surely be your favourite material. Rich, deep colours are brought to life by velvet home decor, which also seduces the senses. Try a crushed velvet duvet cover set with pillow shams that are trendy now. You'll be lured to the velvet fabric option's beautiful sheen and multifaceted hue. Why does dark, moody, incredibly dark velvet look so good? 

This is why crushed velvet curtains are renowned for their dazzling appearance. The nap of the velvet allows light to reflect at several 90-degree angles. Even science supports what we say!

Increased Value Of Property

Many people are suspicious of velvet since it is a thick and heavy fabric. But these qualities don't have to be shortcomings! A velvet curtain gives a living or dining room a chic, cinematic character that puddles on the floor. Opt for a hue that stands out against the walls for a striking appearance.

Using Velvet In Your Styling

Velvet is an elegant and adaptable material that can enhance the look and feel of any space. It's most effective at providing warmth and cosiness in the winter. Here are some tips for accessorising with velvet:

  • Adding Depth With Varying Hues And Textures

Visual intrigue and motion may be achieved by layering velvet with other textures and colours. Combining velvet pillows with a couch upholstered in wool or linen or velvet drapes with textured linen blinds are only two examples. Experiment with various colour and material pairings for a signature look that speaks to your personality.

  • Fusing Various Substances

Mixing velvet with different fabrics also produces desirable results. For instance, a velvet armchair and a leather ottoman provide an interesting textural contrast. Velvet looks excellent when mixed with wood, metal, or glass.

  • Accents Of Velvet

Try incorporating velvet accents if you're having trouble purchasing a larger velvet piece. You may use a blanket on your bed or add velvet pillows on your couch. This will add a touch of understated sophistication to your space's aesthetic.

  • Putting Together A Pleasing Colour Scheme

It's essential to consider the room's current colour scheme while selecting a velvet colour. Adding a velvet item in a contrasting colour to an otherwise monochromatic scheme is a great way to spice things up. On the other hand, if you already have a vibrant colour scheme, consider adding a neutral velvet item to your home.

  • Altering The Light Source

The surrounding illumination may also alter the velvet's appearance. Try switching up the lighting to see how your velvet items appear in various settings. A velvet couch, for instance, may seem more dramatic in the dark, while a velvet pillow could look more alive during the day.

Give Style Your Sofa With Velvet

  • Velvet Couches

Velvet couches are available in various designs—from small sofas for two people all the way up to substantial corner sofas for the entire family. You should be able to select the ideal piece with the wide range of possibilities offered. Your furniture will look beautiful if you care how you style your sofa; even the most abundant materials benefit from a little artistic flair.

  • Velvet Armchairs And Sofas

Velvet armchairs and sofas are perfect for people who wish to add a bright and striking feature to their home since velvet provides a naturally rich tone to the colour of its fabric. Choose a lovely traditional scandi rug to give your house a mid-century contemporary feel. Adding a stylish chair with fleece blankets, a cotton bedspread, and fluffy throws for comfort is a great way to add luxury to your bedroom and make a cosy reading nook.

  • Luxurious Velvet Seating Area

Choosing an oversized corner sofa is another fantastic design suggestion for velvet furnishings. Making a sizable, luxurious seating area will make your home cosier and ensure that there is plenty of space for guests and family to unwind and spread out.

  • Velvet Cushions

To add pops of colour to your sofa, try using velvet cushions with contrasting tones. If other soft furnishings in the room also have blue and yellow hues, pairing a teal sofa with gold cushions might look amazing. 

  • Velvet Throws

Throws can also be employed to give your space more texture and detail. You may get the most out of your velvet couch or armchair by placing lamps and floor lamps nearby. Velvet is a great light reflector. This will generate warm pools of light in your living room and help it look wonderful day and night, bringing out the rich tones of the velvet.


Velvet is a rich material that may be utilised for various upscale home furnishings and ornaments. The addition of velvet to your house, whether in the form of throw pillows, a couch, or window treatments, can completely transform the space instantly. If you already have a colour scheme established, finding a velvet that complements that and meets your other demands and preferences is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Velvet Sofas Safe For Owners Of Pets?

You'll probably be looking for furniture that can survive claws, hair, furballs, and any other wear and tear your menagerie can dish out if you live with active pets or a couch-loving cat. Velvet sofas are perfect for folks with cats and dogs because of the flat pile. 

Although pets can harm tiny or large velvet sofas, their claws are less likely to snag and tear at the fabric because there aren't any loops in the fabric.

Additionally, compared to other fabric sofas, velvet sofas are much simpler to clean pet hair. This is so that pet hair can be vacuumed out quickly since it won't get caught in a flat pile of cloth. This makes it simple to clean up after your pets and quickly prepare your home for a party.

What kind of velvet is ideal for use in sofas and chairs?

The ideal velvet for upholstery relies on the individual's tastes and requirements. Because of their longevity and luxurious feel, cotton and silk velvet are popular choices for upmarket furniture upholstery. Polyester and rayon velvet are more popular for daily upholstery since they are less expensive and need less maintenance.

What should I use to clean velvet couches?

Furniture upholstered in velvet benefits from regular HEPA-filtered vacuuming. To remove stains, dampen a clean cloth with warm water and a drop or two of mild detergent, then wipe the stained area gently. Cleaning it with aggressive chemicals or scrubbing it too hard will ruin the material.

Is velvet appropriate for a high-traffic area?

In a high-traffic location, velvet is acceptable; nevertheless, it is imperative that a velvet that is both resilient and simple to clean be used. Mohair velvet's resilience makes it an excellent choice for areas with plenty of foot activity.

What can I do to protect velvet against sun damage?

Avoid having velvet fade in the sunshine by shielding it from the light with window coverings or UV-blocking film on windows. A velvet that is more resistant to fading in direct sunlight should be used, or the velvet should be covered with a protective fabric while it is not in use.

There's More To It Than Glamour

Even though we adore the over-the-top glam settings where velvet is generally used, it also looks great in a manly area that clears the palette. Here, Oxford Homeware's velvet bedding offers a cosy yet elegant assortment for the master bedroom, playing off the light blues and laid-back textures for a simple yet elegant appearance.