Reasons You Should Choose Ready-Made Crushed Velvet Curtains

While thinking of remodelling a room in your home, changing curtains comes on top of a to-do list. Window coverings that are both functional and visually beautiful will radically enhance any room’s interior decor. Everything boils down to factors like color and fabric, length and lining, and custom vs. off-the-shelf options. While there are so many choices available, none compare to unique, luxurious, and ready-made crushed velvet curtains. With the immense variety of curtains on the market, it is easy to become stressed out. We got you. To make your pick easier, we have done all of the legwork and filtered down the good reasons that you should invest in velvet curtains without a second thought. There are some obvious reasons why you should choose our crushed velvet curtains for the new interior design in your place.Here they come! 

Fabric is luxurious and last for years. 

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Choosing a high-quality curtain fabric is essential. The quality of the materials used will have a direct impact on how effectively they perform and last over time. Fabric may not fold gracefully or fall correctly if they are excessively heavy or light. As a general rule, check the perfection of the fabric for curtains by keeping a fabric up to an open window, pleating the top, and then letting it fall naturally. Crinkles and folds suggest that it won't drape well on your window. But this is not the case with readymade curtains when you come to us. We have high-quality fabrics to manufacture our signature curtains. 

Crushed velvet curtains are designed by passing through the hard-wearing manufacturing process so they can last longer for years to come, making them a staple decor in any room. The crushed velvet material is famous for its flat but wrinkled pile, similar to a silk rug which ultimately adds high durability to it. Moreover, it looks so regal and luxurious when it picks up light and induces a depth and character to the place than any other fabric can do. You won’t find any loose or raised threads, which makes them an excellent pick for every room, be it your personal bedroom or your kid’s bedroom. Besides, the texture allows easy brushing to remove any picked debris or pet hairs. 

Velvet curtains are truly versatile. 

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When used as curtains, you will find velvet a truly versatile material that works beautifully when hung. The velvet curtains can be used in any room in your home, from the bedroom and the living room to the dining room or home office. You can create beautiful coordinations with other room-making accessories such as cushions, pillows, or rugs. Velvet curtains exude a luxurious touch and feel that ties up your place glamourously showing how sophisticated and grown-up your decor sense is. What else? They give your place a cushy and cozy effect while also introducing a warming and comforting touch. The velvet fabric is available in numerous types these days, and you can pick one while taking its texture, design, and touch into account. In all types, you will find the rich, classic muted colors and plain or exquisite patterns to really stand out. Among such diversity, the crushed velvet curtains by Oxford Homeware are the best example for everyone looking for contemporary yet classic window design. 

Velvet curtains add privacy. 

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Any type of fabric, when used as curtains can be used to create a sense of solitude in your home's various rooms. As a result, it separates the inside of your home from the busy outside world. Adding a physical barrier with crushed velvet drapes is a good idea when you are hunting for the ultimate privacy in your home. The fabric's strength guarantees that your privacy is protected when you're at home. Oxford Homeware offers premium blackout crushed velvet curtains that you won’t find anywhere else. Aside from blocking out the lights coming from the exterior, these curtains are known for their soundproof features. It is able to block out noises from the outside world, such as the sound of traffic or the disturbance in the next room.

Velvet curtains are easier to care for 

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Contrary to popular belief, cleaning and maintaining velvet is actually simple. These best velvet curtains can be dusted off using a brush when you feel them dusty, for example, once a week. On the other hand, when you truly feel the need to washing, it is recommended to dry-clean them. To get the most out of this fabric, treat stains and spills as soon as they happen instead of waiting until they've dried. Even water can cause marks on velvet, so as soon as possible, wipe it dry with a clean towel (do not rub) and then buff the pile to reinstate its luxury gloss.Velvet is also known for its bruising effect, which means its texture or look can be changed even with a delicate hand touch. And the good thing is that it is easy to restore its original state. If the curtains are at more dust-facing windows, you must have a velvet upholstery brush instead of a standard brush. Additionally, you can steam dry velvet to remove wrinkles and loosen up the fibers. When it comes to creating a flat finish on your furniture, brushing the pile in the same direction will produce the best results.It might be difficult to eliminate wrinkles from velvet, but they can contribute to the aging appeal over time, so do not worry about that. 

Premade velvet curtains 

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Ready-made curtains allow you to just thrift to a store, choose and throw them in the cart and your curtains will be home. Our readymade crushed velvet curtains are one easy purchase to give your room an immediate makeover. Ready-made curtains come with several other benefits listed below; 

  • Less expensive.

You will end up making significant savings by purchasing pre-made curtains from us as opposed to custom-made ones from anywhere else. You won't have to ask for a price because you'll already know how much it will cost you. Moreover, there are so many options in stock you can simply choose one that fits within your budget. 

  • Saves the most of your time

There is no easier way to transform your place than with premade curtains hung on a curtain pole, and you will have your stunning look done in less than an hour. Purchasing ready-made luxury velvet curtains become a breeze when you know what colour of curtains you want for your room. Using these curtains leaves no need to wait for them to be manufactured or for someone to come to your house and install them just for you. Some people may have a hard time simply picking a fabric they like for readymade curtains. Not to mention, deciding on a velvet curtain design,  heading, and length is a time-eating process. Choose from a pre-determined selection of options when purchasing premade curtains, which allows you to receive your curtains much more quickly. 

  • A wide range of options

Whatever choice you have in curtains, you still have a number of choices to pick from. A wide variety of styles, lengths, and colors are available at Oxford Homeware at reasonable prices. With our velvet, ready-made curtains, you can always keep your interior decor trendy as well as luxurious with the latest styles.Give your room a luxury makeover with our crushed velvet curtains.Simply put, velvety curtains can provide a significant option to keep your budget on the safe side meanwhile offering a luxury makeover instantly. Premade velvet curtains from Oxford Homeware are the best option when you want to transform your room’s interior as soon as possible while still desiring to match them with other furnishings and decor accessories present in the room. These curtains will last longer, save you money and time so that there is no option left except to buy them.  At Oxford Homeware, we deliver a huge assortment of colors from dark to muted or every shade in between, ring top and pleating heading styles in these curtains so that you can choose what you think will blend well with your room’s ambiance. 

You will not also get the windows curtains but also door curtains to get ultimate privacy in luxury style. To book your order, please go ahead and check our bestselling velvet curtain collection now.