10 Quick Wintertime Shortcuts To Keep Warm In Bed

Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting inside your warm, cosy house and watching the leaves change colour or the snowfall. Therefore, on those chilly winter days, grab a cup of hot chocolate, a cosy fleece, and an excellent book.

There are various methods to stay warm this winter without raising the thermostat despite the growing cost of gasoline and supply problems.

Turning down or turning off the boiler and lowering the water heater's temperature are the first steps in reducing heating expenditures. Check out these tips, which include weatherproofing your house, using the sun's heat, and warming yourself from the inside by consuming a cup of hot soup.

Elevate Your Bedding

1. Choose Warmer Duvet Tog Number

A temperature near 18 degrees Celsius is the most comfortable for sleeping. To do this quickly in winter, get a higher tog duvet of at least 15, which will trap the most heat. Put a velvet bedspread on your bedsheet for an extra layer or something more opulent; consider a crushed velvet duvet cover and matching eyelet curtain. Furthermore, if you are having trouble recalling the last occasion you updated your duvet, it is a good time to do so. The filling in old duvets can become clumped together, resulting in cold spots in the bed.

2. Layer Blankets And Top Sheets

Create layers instead of just one heavy blanket, comforter, or duvet. In order to insulate and trap air, many layers of material are used. Moreover, layers are helpful since you may take them off if you get too warm at night. To enhance the insulating effect, try switching between thinner and thicker layers.

The layering of any material is helpful if you need more money for pricey bed heating systems or opulent bedding.

Make Your Sleepwear Better

1. Wear Several Layers

Remember to layer up and dress appropriately for the weather. The unique approach to staying warm is to layer your clothes. Indoors, be careful to dress in warm socks and slippers. In addition, you may enclose yourself in a fleece blanket while lounging on the sofa and watching TV or reading a book.

2. Add Some Warm Pyjamas

Pyjamas are a very private matter. They are hated and loved by different people and sleep entirely naked. However, full-body pyjamas are a terrific way to be warm and snug for babies when it's cold outside. The baby wrap is the perfect wearable blanket because it is incredibly plush and reminiscent of a duvet. They will perform exceptionally well as insulators if constructed from organic fibres like cotton or wool. Try flannel ones for bitterly cold weather.

Heat Your Sleeping Environment

1. Warm Your Bedroom

In order to maximise the warmth of the room, turn up the heating in the bedroom and ensure the windows and doors are shut. Heating the entire house continuously can be inefficient. Draught excluders, the lengthy, sausage-shaped objects that go in front of doors, are an additional choice.

Add insulation and put a draught excluder at the bottom of your bedroom door to stop heat from escaping.

2. Turn On The Fireplace

Light a fire in your fireplace to warm yourself and relax. To utilise, however, you do not need to chop down trees. According to Fernhill, an Irish garden shop and gardener, sustainable substitutes exist. Bricks constructed of wood waste, such as sawdust or wood chips, are known as wood or biomass bricks. In your fireplace, these bricks burn hotter and cleaner than logs. Eco-friendly logs composed of soy and switchgrass are still another option.

If you want to avoid heat loss, the study from the Department of Energy suggests double-checking the condition of your fireplace's chimney and making sure the damper closes firmly.

3. Look For Draughts

The warm interior air is probably escaping through any gaps or cracks in your bedroom windows (and, if you have any, outside doors). You'll feel cold and have to spend more money on energy to maintain the correct indoor air temperature.

Check every window and door that leads to the outdoors each season. When all windows and doors are closed, and the curtains are correctly fitted, you may feel by touch for draughts. Alternately, hold a burning incense stick near the windows and doors while looking for any strange smoke movement. Your room will remain warmer if you fill up the gaps. Simple and inexpensive methods to stop those little leaks near windows and doors include using caulk or weather-stripping.

4. Lay A Substantial Rug On The Ground

Uninsulated floors can lose a surprisingly large amount of heat, and if they are made of wood or laminate, they will soon make the bedroom chilly. A thick rug will give further insulation, prevent draughts, and bring style to your bedroom.

Another advantage is that walking across the room in the morning will feel cosy on your feet.

5. Relocate Your Bed, So It Is Not Near The Window

Moving your bed to the opposite side of the room from where it usually is, away from windows, will help you sleep a little warmer. The glass in your windows will significantly cool down at night unless they are multi-paned (and even if they are in freezing climates). This will cool the air within the room near that window. As a result, you'll also experience colder temperatures if you're nearby. The same is true of poorly insulated exterior walls.

Adopt Smart Habits

1. Make Use Of A Hot Water Bottle Or Heater

Despite being outdated, it still functions: When it's time for bed, tuck a hot water bottle beneath the covers and let your tootsies enjoy the warmth. A bed heater can create a hot water bottle in a more contemporary manner. A bed heater can quickly heat the entire bed by blowing air directly under the sheets. Despite being quite pricey, they are more cost- and energy-effective than raising the thermostat in your house.

2. Exercise

Warming up is assured by getting your heart rate up. Keep moving, whether you work out indoors or outside since doing so will cause your body to produce heat. You may warm up by even organising your house. There is no conflict between remaining warm and enjoying the season outside.

3. Enjoy Some Soup

The Spruce advises drinking a cup of soup to warm oneself from the inside out. The heat from a pot of homemade soup is heating your kitchen. You may consume hot foods and drinks in addition to hot foods. Have enough tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or cider on hand during those chilly days.

4. Cut The Alcohol

Saint Bernards have all been carrying tiny brandy casks to save stranded passengers. Unfortunately, canines carrying alcohol are only a myth. And it's fortunate: Although alcohol may seem warm as it enters your body, it actually lowers your core body temperature, increasing your risk of hypothermia if you are already cold. Alcohol also causes more sweat, which cools your body temperature even more by producing a layer of moisture near your skin.


In closing, various easy and efficient methods exist to remain warm during the winter. Create a comfy and relaxing resting environment that will aid in your ability to obtain a good night's sleep by adopting some of these quick cuts into your daily routine. There are solutions for every spending limit and inclination, from layering your blankets to utilising a hot water bottle or space heater. Remember to maintain your bedroom at a suitable temperature and dress warmly before bed. Following this advice, you can keep warm and comfortable all winter long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Mattress Keeps You Warm The Most Effectively?

Mattress fillings can help with temperature control, such as memory foam, gel foam, intelligent materials, silk, cashmere, mohair, and water beds, which contain varying temperature heaters to keep the bedding warm and comfortable.

What are some efficient wintertime methods for keeping warm in bed?

Wearing warm sleepwear, using a hot water bottle or heating pad, covering your bedding with blankets or a duvet, and maintaining a suitable temperature in the bedroom are all effective strategies to remain warm throughout the winter.

Does purchasing high-quality bedding really help me stay warm?

Indeed, spending money on high-quality bedding significantly improves your ability to stay warm. Look for fabrics that provide insulation and warmth, such as flannel, fleece, or wool.

How might the clothing I wear for bed affect how well I sleep?

Your bedtime attire may affect how warm or cool you sleep. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes that may limit circulation and create pain when sleeping and choose sleepwear composed of breathable fabrics like cotton or silk instead.

What are some quick methods to warm my sleeping space?

Using a space heater or electric blanket, covering windows and doors to stop draughts, and adding rugs or carpeting to insulate the floor are simple methods to warm up your sleeping area.

Can I make adjustments to my night routine to keep me warm?

Adjustments to your night routine might also keep you warm. To increase your body temperature before night, consider having a warm bath or shower, and stay away from cold beverages and foods that might drop your core temperature. Moreover, dry yourself adequately before bed since moist skin might make you feel calmer.

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