Is It Necessary To Have Shower Mats In Your Bathroom

Is a bath mat necessary? Shortly YES! Investing in a shower mat is essential bathroom safety advice for any home. A sticky shower mat could help prevent falls and stomach-churning near misses if your bathtub or spa floor is slick.

Why precisely is it vital to own one? The mat, which is often affordable, is the ideal solution to prevent any slips and falls in your toilet. Let's elaborate.

7 Realistic Justifications For Using A Shower Mat

Bath mats are an essential part of any bathroom set. Their many benefits outweigh any disadvantages of having them in your bathroom or shower. Anyone who has stepped out of the shower without a bath mat knows its importance. Shower mats enhance a place in various ways, including the following.

Security First

Have you ever fallen in the shower and been unable to stand up? You probably don't want that much excitement before work or your blind date, but a damp tile floor makes for an excellent surface for a game of Slip and Slide. The risk of slipping increases if you or your guests walk out of the shower and onto a tile floor. You can gain the essential hold when you exit the bath by placing a mat next to the tub as a practical safety measure.

The non-slip surface of a cotton bath mat makes it possible for people with wet feet to step out of the shower securely. It's important to remember the safety of your guests by providing them with bath mats in the bathrooms of your spa, fitness centre, guesthouse, or hotel.

Keeping Fallen Items Safely In Place

Have you ever dumped a shampoo bottle into the shower and observed it as it slid about like a jet ski? When you buy and install a shower mat, anything that falls to the ground won't travel very far, making it the ideal solution to prevent yourself from falling. The rubber shower mat is the perfect solution for any home because it acts as a non-sticky fly trap, keeping all the bathrooms where it belongs!

Useful After Getting Out Of The Shower

Love taking showers but dread having to get out of the tub? Unbelievably, there are occasions when getting out of the bathtub is more complicated and, in some cases, even dangerous. Most of the time, it poses a safety risk because there are no handles to use to stand up.

Installing a rubber bath mat will give you a basis for your feet to cling onto, making exiting the tub a little safer and more accessible.


Bath mats not only provide a secure area for you and visitors to stand on, but they also safeguard your surfaces. Whether your bathroom has tile, hardwood, or other floorings, you want to keep it dry. By absorbing moisture, bathroom mats prevent water from drenching the floor or seeping into vulnerable spaces between the bathtub and the surface.

If you use a mat to safeguard your bathrooms, you can avoid paying for pricey repairs and replacements.


Getting out onto a bath mat prevents your feet from getting shocked by the cold tile floors. When drying off from a bath or a shower, it's nice to have a soft, absorbing cotton mat to stand on. Visitors to your gym, spa, hotel, or resort will feel like they are receiving special treatment since comfort equates to luxury.

Get Your Floors Done

You've seen water collecting in the grout gaps, trickling down the baseboards and accumulating along the tub's length. You can clean that stuff once you've finished using your towel. However, this still gives the water plenty of time to seep in, soaking into the wood and, if the situation worsens, even through your ceilings.

Just spread out a mat to ensure that things never get that out of control. A bath mat will catch any water that drops off your body and out of the shower, and down the shower curtain, protecting your bathroom floors from extensive damage in the future.

Make The Area Cohesive

A stylish mat can serve as the finishing touch in a limited amount of room. You can have perfectly matched hand towels, shower curtains, and soap dispensers, but it will only matter once you have a high-quality mat as the centre point of your bathroom. A carefully chosen mat can tie the colours and patterns of your bathroom's decor together subtly and stylishly.

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Stylish Vibe

Consider shower mats to be little, valuable rugs. A rug divides a room into different areas and adds other elements. A bath mat can complement the colour of other bathroom linens or contribute to the advantages above.

Here are some of the colours oxford homeware offering.

Shower Mat Transparent
Shower Mat Light Blue
Shower Mat White

These advantages include the fact that a floor mat can help guests feel more easily. Having a bathroom mat while they are away giving them one of the comforts of home in addition to the advantages listed above. Place the mat anywhere you want to get the most out of your shower experience without sacrificing comfort.

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A Shower Mat In A Bathroom: Where Do You Put It?

The area next to a shower or bathtub is the most typical location for a mat. Place one down the tub's length, and position the mat so that it is immediately adjacent to it for optimal performance.

When a visitor exits the shower, and if they take a bath, the mat will catch any water that may splash over the edge. If your hotel or resort has bath mats but doesn't place them on the floor for first-time visitors, you can hang one from the edge of the tub to let visitors know to use it.

A shower mat is also helpful in another part of the bathroom. Putting a compact bath mat next to the sink can make you feel more pampered. It would be nice to have a mat there so visitors could stand on it comfortably as they washed their hands, brushed their teeth, or got ready in front of the mirror.

A bath mat placed in front of a sink will soak up spilt water, shielding flooring and cabinet bottoms from damage. If a lot of water spills onto the floor, shower mats beside the washbasin can help you to stay upright.

Use one mat to cover the space between the washbasin and the shower or tub, depending on the size and configuration of your bathroom. This means you only need one mat per bathroom, but having two smaller rubber mats—one for the washbasin and one for the tub—might be more convenient. A smaller bathroom mat will be simpler to wash and transport to and from guest rooms than a larger one, which can be more challenging to dry by hand or machine.

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A bath mat will always absorb water, regardless of where you place it in the shower or bathroom. To maintain a posh bathroom, install them in strategic locations. You could question whether mats used for guests at both homes and businesses are hygienic after being stepped on and soaking up so much water.

With your newfound knowledge of shower mats, go out and get some for your home. Shower mats made of rubber are available in a white colour option at oxford homeware to complement any existing towels or bathroom accessories.