How to Make Your Rental Feel More Like A Home

Renting is becoming increasingly common, especially among adolescents and those living in cities. After all, renting allows you to explore a new area, avoid rapidly rising home costs, and move out immediately.

However, these homes frequently need more permanent residences' cosy, lived-in atmosphere. Fortunately, a little creative styling is all it takes to make any house seem like home. Here are some easy changes you can make to improve a rental.

Do you need help developing simple, damage-free solutions for decorating your rental home? You've come to the correct place if you're seeking tips on how to make a rental seem like a home.
Always remember there is no setting quite like home, and be unrestricted by your lease or finances! Impede your ability to design a warm, welcoming setting. You can make your rental seem like home and appreciate where you live by doing a few easy things. Today, we'll review simple landlord-friendly tips and tricks for making a rental feel like home.

Add A Welcome Statement At The Entrance First

Enter your home through the entrance that most visitors will use—not necessarily the front door! And make an effort to view it objectively. Is it hospitable?


If there is room, adding a doormat, a small side table with a light or a small plant can help create a relaxing atmosphere and provide a location for basics like car keys.

Use Wall Decals To Liven Up Your Home

Why not use stunning wall sticker patterns you can get on the internet to beautify your walls? When you leave the property, you can peel them off without leaving a trace! We advise choosing geometric patterns or circular designs to create a straightforward yet striking focal point.

Start A Veggie Patch In Your Home

Outdoor space is often in short supply in rental apartments. Growing herbs in pots indoors is an easy way to add greenery and maintain fresh flavours close at hand. Utilise old tea cans to host a variety of plants in your kitchen.

Spreading Rugs Around

Large rugs offer floor soundproofing, essential for apartments in rental homes on the second or higher floor.


Another approach to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your house is adding depth and texture to the overall design. Put one in the entryway, living room, and other high-traffic areas.

Blow The Toasty Toast!

Is your rental property dark and gloomy? Swapping out outdated flush-mount lights with tiny chandeliers or contemporary fixtures makes a big decorative statement. Whether you need task lighting, floor lamps, or table lamps, discount shops and secondhand stores are excellent options when looking for low-cost lighting fixtures.

Also, resist the urge to use all-white bulbs. If you have to pay an electricity bill, LEDs come in various hues and will save you money. Additionally, three-way lamps let you create the appearance of a dimmable light without using a dimmer control.

Furnishings For Windows

Smooth, neutral-coloured wooden blinds can give a room more depth and space. Additionally, it can provide shade and a sense of solitude when you need them. Additionally, high-quality curtains are simple to move and beneficial when you need some sunlight for potted plants on the floor or the window sill.

Floor-to-ceiling ready-made curtains are another design choice for rental homes with large windows that can give the room a feeling of more ideal space.

Create A Character With A Bookcase

Try putting your own tale on a bookshelf instead of letting books tell yours. One way to display one's individuality is by arranging one's bookshelves in a combination of vertical and horizontal stacking and interspersing the books with other objects.

Consider candles, framed pictures, and even flower or plant-filled vases. You can lean or hang artwork and mirrors on bookshelves to give them personality. Add a unique coffee cup or a few trinkets from special holidays. Small lamps can also add a little extra lighting to the area.

Invest In New Bedding

Even if you're using hand-me-down furniture, replacing outdated sheets with contemporary bedspreads, comforters, or duvets significantly increases the level of cosiness, and adding a duvet cover is the cherry on top. Add some chic pillowcases to your pillows or a luxurious throw blanket for added colour, texture, and warmth.

The Bathroom Should Have A Colour

Most bathrooms in rental properties are constructed in plain white, which can look bureaucratic and dull. Add a few more designs to the bathroom that you can easily use to make it more unique.

Roman blinds and a shower curtain with vivid colours and patterns will brighten the bathroom. It need not match; a little difference will infuse the bathroom with greater vigour. Additionally, you could hang colourful art on the wall and set a tiny vase of fresh flowers next to the sink.

The Frame

On dressers, coffee tables, and window sills, framed images of loved ones, beloved locations, pieces of art, or motivational slogans fill the empty spaces. No room on the wall? It is best to lean framed art against walls or place it on easels to avoid having to repair it in the future.

Use Dual-Purpose Accessories And Furniture

Invest in some furniture with multiple uses if your rental is small or lacks storage space. A daybed is a terrific solution for people who live in apartments and frequently have guests stay over. You can turn a sofa into a comfortable location for overnight guests to unwind by adding some pillows.

Consider a coffee table with drawers to keep remote controls and other useful stuff. Some footstools have built-in compartments for additional cushions or blankets. Towels, linens, office materials, and any other goods you might not use daily can be stored in chic bins or baskets.

Utilise Vibrant Soft Furnishings

A rental home occasionally feels sparse because you are frequently advised not to paint the walls. You may enliven the atmosphere and add some brightness by introducing colour through the soft furnishings. Adding vibrant pillows to the sofa, fluffy blankets to the bed, and a statement bathmat to the bathroom can help a space feel more occupied immediately.

To provide variation, you may select a different colour scheme for each room in the house, or you could decide to utilise tones that are similar everywhere to create a consistent theme.

Remove The Attention From Avoidable Rads

Consider hanging eyelet curtains in a lovely style to pull the eye up and away from the hot water radiators in your home if you'd like to divert attention from them but can't permanently block them out. Keep draperies pushed to either side so that heat can still escape. You may also use this to create a pattern in spaces where you are not permitted to use wallpaper or paint.


A Calming Atmosphere Can Be Created Using Fairy Lights

Why not wrap some fairy lights over your headboard or curtain rod? Adding some cosy elements can make a property feel like a home. As night falls, the room takes on a friendly, warm tone from the glittering lights, which are soothing.
Put several candles throughout to make the house feel more inviting and warm. To prevent the candles from being too overpowering, choose simple, calming scents, and make an effort to maintain a relatively constant aroma throughout the house.

Make Sure Your Temporary Housing Covers The Essentials

You shouldn't have to give up the home amenities that are important to you just because you're only staying there temporarily. If you absolutely must have a washing machine and dryer in your rental property and a garage for your vehicle, look for a short-term rental that already includes them.

As a result, you'll have a happier and more relaxing experience and won't be as eager to leave and find somewhere else that meets your needs and wants.
Try these simple upgrades to make your rental property a unique, personalised home that reflects your way of life.

What Are A Few Innovative Storage Options For Tiny Renting Spaces?

You can do a few things to make your rental less like a short-term stay and more like a permanent residence.

  1.       Add Your Preferences: Modify the room to reflect your personality by including your choice of colours, artwork, and photographs. Put up some drapes and a rug or two, and replace any lights that you don't like.
  2.       Add Furniture: Even if you don't intend to remain in your rental for an extended period, purchasing high-quality furnishings that you like using may make a big difference in making the place seem like home. In your search for new furniture, keep an eye out for items that may serve many purposes.
  3.       Add Greenery: Plants and flowers provide vitality to any room and are a terrific way to make your rental seem more like home. You may brighten up your home with some low-care plants or a beautiful arrangement of flowers.
  4.       Add Some Bookcase: Provide more space for storing things; this is a common complaint about rented homes. Having a place to put things like books, baskets, and crates makes the room seem more settled and permanent.
  5.       Add Inviting Doorway: Create a friendly, welcoming entrance to amaze visitors. You may warm it up by putting in a rug, a coat rack, or a seat.

Even if you are only there briefly, you may make your rented house seem more permanent by following these tips.

What Colour Schemes Work Best In Rented Apartments?

Rental properties need colour palettes adaptable to various tenancy needs and occupant preferences.

  1.       Neutral: Safe bets for rental properties include neutral hues like white, beige, grey, and taupe. They are adaptable, fitting well with a wide range of aesthetics from modern to boho.
  2.       Earthy Tones: Earthy tones like green, brown, and terracotta may make a rental home more inviting and comfortable. They complement organic components like wood and stone and may help create a homely or natural atmosphere.
  3.       Pastels: Colourful accents in pastel tones, such as pink, mint, and baby blue, may be added to a rental without being too bold. They may help create a bright, airy atmosphere with white and other neutrals.
  4.       Jewel Tones: They complement the addition of metallic accessories, such as gold or brass, to create an air of luxury.

Expressing your individuality and taste in the rental area with your chosen colour scheme would be best. Choose hues that may be readily integrated into a variety of design schemes.

Budget-Friendly Tips For Decorating A Rental Home

Renting doesn't have to limit your decorating options because of cost. You may easily brighten up your home without spending a fortune.

  1.       Employ removable wallpaper: Employ removable wallpaper or decals to inject some much-needed colour or design into your property without damaging the walls. The walls will not be damaged if you decide to take them down.
  2.       Throw Cushions And Blankets: Do not worry about breaking the bank when adding a comfortable feel to your rented property using throw cushions and blankets. Try thrift shops or shopping online for bargains.
  3.       Add Some Low-cost Plants: To breathe new life and fresh air into your property, consider adding some plants. Low-cost plant options are available at garden centres and dollar shops.
  4.       Use Rugs: Rugs are a great way to add texture and warmth to a room, and they can also be used to restrict spaces in an open layout. Discount stores and online marketplaces are the most incredible places to shop if you're trying to save money.
  5.       Thrift shops and flea markets are fantastic locations for unique, low-cost furnishings and accents. Get one-of-a-kind furniture and decorative accents to put your stamp on your rented home.
  6.       DIY Décor: You may save a lot of money by doing some of your own home decorations. Take your hand at DIY wall art, throw cushions, and window coverings. To revitalise a room, try moving things about. Try different arrangements and discover what works best in your rented area.

These are but a few of the many possible approaches to affordably sprucing up your rental. If creative and resourceful, one may make a house seem like a home without spending a fortune.

DIY Ideas Make Rental Feel Like Home

There are plenty of inexpensive do-it-yourself tasks you may take on to make your rented space seem more like home.

Add Artwork And Frames: Using a selection of your best artwork or pictures, hang a gallery wall to serve as the room's main point. The artwork and frames may be interchanged to create a one-of-a-kind showpiece.

Make A Headboard: The cloth, plywood, and foam may make a headboard. Making your bedroom appear to be an extension of your house is a terrific goal to strive towards.

Add Décor Pieces: Shelves may be added and used to showcase a variety of goods, including books, plants, and decorative pieces. Either brackets or free-standing shelves may be used to achieve this design.

Use Lighting: You can use lighting to make a statement by installing eye-catching light fixtures or lamps around your apartment. Having an item like this lying about might make the space seem more inviting and homely.

New Coat Of Paint Or Wallpaper: Highlight a particular area of your home by giving an accent wall a new coat of paint or wallpaper. Before doing any major renovations, you should get your landlord's permission first.

Add A Comfy Reading Corner: You can make your rental seem more like a home by establishing a comfy reading corner with the help of some throw cushions and a chair or sofa.

Build A Headboard: Build a one-of-a-kind centrepiece for your bed with only a little bit of fabric, plywood, foam, and simple tools. The result might be a bedroom that is both comfortable and uniquely yours.

Using these DIY ideas, you may make some nice improvements to your property without going into debt. Before doing any major renovations, you should get your landlord's permission first.

Finally Thoughts

A rental dwelling may take some time to feel like home after a move. To make a house a home, one must give it a few touches of one's own personality, furnish it with high-quality pieces, cultivate a warm and inviting ambience, and maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Adding photographs or artwork to the walls, sprinkling in a few potted plants, and dressing up the furniture with throw cushions and blankets all count as personal touches. High-quality furniture like a soft couch, a warm armchair, and a substantial dining table may do wonders for a room's ambience.

The comfortable ambience may also be achieved by the strategic use of lighting and by eliminating clutter and other visual distractions. Making your rental seem more like home is as simple as following these basic decorating techniques.


How can I make my rental seem more permanent?

It might not be easy to make a rental seem more permanent, but there are steps you can take to make it more like a natural home. Show off your individuality by hanging up some of your preferred artwork, pictures, or decorative accessories. A room may become more you by upgrading the lighting and getting some lovely pieces of furniture. Privacy and control over natural light may be achieved with the help of curtains or blinds while drawing attention to a specific wall with a splash of colour, or pattern can serve as a practical design element. Before making any drastic alterations, you should get the landlord's approval.

What may be done to make a rental your own without causing harm to the house?

Temporary decorations, detachable hooks, and readily transportable furniture are all great ways to put your stamp on a rental without breaking the bank or leaving permanent marks. Temporary blinds or curtains may give seclusion and manage natural light, detachable hooks can hang artwork or pictures, area rugs and floor cushions can add warmth and texture, and updating lighting fixtures can bring individuality and ambience. Before making any modifications, you should get your landlord's approval.

How do I choose furnishings for a rental space?

When shopping for furniture to fit into a rental area, it's essential to consider the room's measurements and furniture. Take accurate measurements of the room and choose pieces of furniture with those proportions in mind. To avoid cluttering a cramped area, go for smaller pieces of furniture. Choose furnishings that align with your rented area's aesthetic, and ensure enough room for visitors to walk about comfortably.