How To Dress A Sofa With Velvet Cushion Coverings

Looking for fresh ideas to update the focal point of your living room? There are countless ways to arrange a selection of velvet cushion covers on your sofa. You're right if you think that it seems too focused on fashion. Interior design frequently takes cues from catwalk trends, and the idea is the same for your sofa as it is for updating your clothes as the season's change.

You can be many different things, from plain Scandinavian to vibrant and colourful. It's a fantastic method to show off your sense of design without completely redecorating the space.

Rich velvet fabric gives your interior decor a dash of glitz. However, too much of this beautiful fabric might overpower your design or give you a dated look. You may incorporate velvet and other materials, fabric pairings, and colour schemes to fit any decor or style with some forethought and moderation.

Choose Subtlety Over Safety As Your Starting Point

Uncertain of the "personality" of your interiors? Use a mixture of brighter and darker neutrals progressively, with hues ranging from charcoal to surprisingly pink. Pink has experienced a significant comeback, with blush practically replacing neutrals.

The most attractive combination of serene colours for the home has emerged thanks to the wellness movement. They all convey the desire to relax and enjoy your home, ranging from smooth beige to dusky pinks, making them perfect for cushions and throws.

Look for patterns that are influenced by nature, such as animal prints, seascapes, or leaf silhouettes. Take your cue from fashion; as long as the colours are subtle, it's a look you'll appreciate. At oxford homeware you will find multiple colours including:

Grey crushed velvet cushions 
Silver crushed velvet cushions 
Black crushed velvet cushions 
Charcoal crushed velvet cushions 
Blue crushed velvet cushions 
White crushed velvet cushions 
Burgundy crushed velvet cushions 
Green crushed velvet cushions 
Beige crushed velvet cushions

Follow Fashion's Lead

Do the same with your sofa by using simple, darker colours on the bottom and more striking patterns and tints on the top. Bring more significant, more straightforward, and more comfortable designs behind the exquisitely detailed ones. Don't try to cover them up; they are your design's foundation. Instead, choose plush velvet covers that will still look chic peeking through.

Get Your Freak On!

Particularly in a living room where the sofa serves as the focal point of daily life, your decision on cushions can also express your playful side. If simple designs aren't your style, use a fun pattern clash. Use matching colours to get this effect, and your sofa will appear effortlessly on-trend, especially if you opt for geometric designs. However, if you want to change the appearance completely, pick one or two unique cushions with a larger design or a bolder pattern. This will have a significant immediate impact.

Adding Cushions That Have Several Layers Of Velvet Sewn Together

Layering velvet cushions on your sofa will transform it; it's the easiest upgrade. To add intrigue to your sofa and maintain everything feeling tactile, combine various textures and fabrics with accessories.

If you choose patterned pillows, organise them together in groupings; for example, keep geometrics and flowers together. Place one on each sofa cushion for a slightly more thoughtful look, and add some brightening colour-blocked cushions in between.

Additionally, varied cushion forms can deceive the eye depending on where you arrange them. Use a rectangle cushion in front of two square cushions with a velvety texture to create the impression that the heights are different.

Velvet Cushion Covers: Which Way Does The Nap Go

Except when the nap goes wrong, upholstery fabric with a nap, like velvet, lasts well, appears shiny, and adds a chic panache to an upholstered piece. It is beneficial to position the nap in the proper plane. What direction does the nap on velvet cushion covers go, then? Concerning the discovery made on the internet, many doubts have been raised.

The pile determines the nap of the material. Threads that stick above and away from the fabric's base and tend to tumble in one of two directions are called piles. The nap is going in this route. The nap aligns with the hem in drapery fabrics, but in upholstery fabrics, it runs perpendicular to it.

Run your hand over the surface of the fabric, either across the width for upholstery fabric or down the length for cushion fabric, to establish the direction of the nap. Going one way will make the surface feel smoother than going the other. If you move your hand the other way, it will look like the fabric is an entirely different colour. The nap should sink downward and toward the floor when arranging upholstery, and other portions of the furniture should do the same.

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How To Add Velvet To Cushions (In Three Easy Steps)

Once you've chosen between sturdy or delicate upholstery, it's time to incorporate velvet furnishings and décor into your current design. You may easily incorporate velvet pieces into your design by considering each area's existing furniture, materials, and colour schemes. Consider these suggestions for the most effective placement of velvet in your home.

Keeping It Simple Is Better

There is no such thing as too much velvet when it comes to decorating. The layout can feel more opulent by adding a few accent pieces here and there, but too much velvet is too much. For delicate texture and colour in little spaces, stick to pouffes and tiny velvet ottomans. If there is room for more oversized items, go for a sleek, contemporary bench or side chair for a tidy, uncluttered appearance.

Colour Combinations

Additionally, your velvet cover should go well with or enhance your current colour scheme. Almost any colour scheme looks good with a blue velvet ottoman, a grey tufted bench, or a neutral grey velvet seat. Lighter furnishings, such as beige or white chairs and footstools in cream colour, are adaptable choices that also increase the brightness of your design.

Vibrant velvet accents are the way to go if you want to add a unique flash of colour to a neutral outfit. Choose a deep blue stool to contrast with a beige couch, or add a vivid red ottoman to your grey living room furniture. Try a pink side chair or a green velvet bench for more ornamental seating. Even a couple of purple cushions can give your setting more beauty and depth.

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Merge Various Materials

You can maintain a warm and balanced look by combining different materials and textures. Add a velvet lumbar cushion on a leather armchair or padded slipper chair for added softness. Add a velvet throw or rectangular ottoman to a sofa made of denim, wool, or microfiber for added warmth. Additionally, you may use a lighter pair of linen, silk, or satin cushions to counteract the velvet cushions’ heavier upholstery.