How Do You Make A Printed Duvet Cover Look Nice?

If someone were to ask you about your ideal bed, there is a reasonable probability that you would include the phrase word cloud in your response. Because, when it comes down to it, what could be more delightful than sinking into a giant, fluffy bed with big, fluffy pillows and squeezing yourself under an oversized, fluffy duvet?

A bed doesn't need to have the appearance of a cloud just because it has the sensation of being like one. The use of subdued, calming hues, contemporary designs, or printed duvet covers is becoming more popular among interior designers to produce the same sense of calm traditionally achieved with pure white sheets.

All of these comforting patterns took their cues from the surrounding natural scenery and are essentially the visual equivalent of being soothed to sleep by the gentle sounds of the ocean. The impressionistic patterns, which include coastal hues such as misty blue-grey and sandy beige, are designed to be layered with one another so that you may express your own personality. Using patterns, you can combine elements to make your own unique tale.

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What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Printed Duvet Covers?

  • Washing a duvet set is challenging due to the weight of the material as well as the filling inside of it, but a protective cover is simple to take off and put back on once it has been cleaned. 
  • In addition to protecting your duvet, a printed duvet cover offers you a selection of different designs and colours from which to pick the one that best suits your sense of personal style. 
  • At the same time, the striped printed duvet cover styles your bed and provides you with the most comfortable sleeping environment possible.

How To Choose The Perfect Printed Duvet Cover

Finding the best-printed duvet cover requires attention to detail. You may use the following advice to help you choose wisely:


Be sure the duvet cover you choose fits the size of your bed. This will guarantee that the cover on your bed appears nice and organised.


Choose a material that will last a long time and is both soft and durable. Since it is breathable and straightforward to maintain, cotton is a popular material.


You should choose a print that complements the room's general style you are decorating. A strong print may interest a minimalist space, while a delicate pattern can provide texture to a bustling space.


Choose a colour that will look well with the things you already have in your home. A boldly coloured duvet cover may liven up a space with bland walls and furnishings.

How Do You Use A Printed Duvet Cover On A Bed?

The goal of both comforters and duvets is to keep you warm while you are sleeping, and they accomplish this goal similarly. The preservation of the comforter that is contained inside the duvet is the primary objective of making use of a duvet cover. However, some individuals may use a duvet cover as the primary covering for a bed. It is not true of comforters, however, since they serve the same purpose as a duvet cover: to provide warmth and comfort to the user.

When you put a duvet cover on top of your comforter, you will almost certainly experience a cosier and more opulent sensation. To put it another way, think of a duvet cover as a convenient second layer to sleep beneath that will keep your comforter clean for a more extended period of time.

1. Utilise Different Textures

Combining different textures may make your bed more visually appealing and give it depth; this is especially true if you choose muted tones for the print bedding. The texture is essential when working with an airy palette since it becomes a part of the palette itself—using a combination of woven matelassé, washed cotton, textured linen, and even a comfortable knit as an afterthought for added effect.

2. Transform Your Bed Piece

Instead of diving headfirst into the pattern pool, print phones could begin transforming their bed ensemble one item at a time. Beginning with pillow coverings is a good idea since doing so lets you quickly determine whether you like a particular design. Upgrade to a patterned duvet cover if you like the new mood; ultimately, you could even start mixing and matching the pieces you have in your bedroom.

3. You Need To Keep Your Color Sense In Check

The pattern doesn't need to be loud for it to be noticeable. Do not throw yourself into the deep end too quickly by switching from a stark white bedspread to one with hot pink polka dots since this may be a significant and dangerous shift. Begin with softer designs, some good examples being prints that are influenced by the ocean or nature. Start with the next step up in neutrals, whether soft greys or taupes, if you're a true fan of the neutral colour scheme. It really gives off this warm, glowy sensation, particularly when combined with other neutrals in the colour palette.

4. Find The Components That Complement One Another

Imagine it as a structure that is fond of amassing a variety of patterned and coloured tiles, each of which may be utilised to conjure a distinct state of mind when combined with the others. People find it much simpler to make their beds if all the items they possess can be styled in various ways to complement one another, allowing them to adapt their appearance to their mood at any given moment.

5. Build It Up

How to create floral or patterned bedding that appears luxurious by incorporating many looks at once is accomplished by using layering techniques. This will prevent your bed from seeming like a single, massive blob of design. After placing the duvet on top of the printed duvet cover, fold the duvet cover back about halfway so you can see the coverlet, blanket, or another layering item you have placed between the sheets and the duvet. It splits the bed up more, which makes it simpler to style than it would be otherwise.

How To Match Printed Duvet Covers With Accessories?

When you have decided on a patterned duvet cover, it is time to choose some complementary accessories to go along with it to round off the appearance.

  1. Pillows: Bring the colours and patterns of your duvet cover with the help of some complementary throw pillows you place on your bed.
  2. Throw Blanket: If you add a throw blanket to your bed, make it breezier, and give it more depth, you'll find that it complements your duvet cover quite well.
  3. Curtains: If your bedroom has windows, consider purchasing curtains matching the colours and patterns of the duvet cover you chose.
  4. Rug: A rug may enhance your bedroom's comfort and decor while tying in the hues and patterns of your duvet cover.
  5. Art Wall: Choose wall art that goes with your duvet cover to give your home a coherent aesthetic.

Where To Find High-End Duvet Covers?

In order to decide whether or not printed duvet covers are luxury, it is necessary to examine their quality, as well as their feel and texture. Because of this, Oxford Homeware offers you exceptional quality luxury printed duvet covers. Each item from Oxford's collection is made to offer you a feeling of flawless elegance, and it is also intended to give you a sense of crisp modern flair. 

Our luxurious and contemporary duvet cover sets are crafted from natural materials and cotton with a long staple fibre length. We utilise a precise approach in weaving and processing the material, resulting in a soft and subtle feel. The warm and breathable fabric was achieved by using a thinner yarn.

Because they are woven, the duvet cover sets have a softer and smoother surface. Each item of bedding, like the geometric bedding print in the set, is distinguished by the use of premium, groundbreaking colour-fast dyes that have been developed with sustainability and friendliness toward the natural world. Each of our products is stylish and curated to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience in addition to those qualities.


Your bedroom may become more exciting and stylish with a patterned duvet cover. Create a harmonious and lovely appearance in your space by selecting the proper size, material, pattern, and colour, then complementing it with complementary accessories. Remember to iron the duvet cover, fold the top down, and keep the decor neutral so that the duvet cover can serve as the room's centre point.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I design a duvet with prints?

It's crucial to consider the colours and how they work with other bedroom furnishings when designing a patterned comforter. For instance, to tie everything together, add some blue cushions or curtains if the comforter has a lot of blues. Playing with texture by adding throw pillows in various materials and bedding with sheets, covers, and blankets for extra texture is another way to decorate a comforter.

How can I dress up a set of printed bed sets?

Bed skirts create a more elegant appearance, while accent throw pillows can add texture and colour to bedding. A throw blanket may offer a splash of colour, and layering your modern bedding with various sheets and blankets can give depth and texture. Choose a hue that goes well with your contemporary bedding.

Can I mix and match various bedding patterns?

Bedding designs may be mixed and matched to create a distinctive and customised appearance. Choose a combination of large-scale and small-scale designs, choose a colour scheme with a few distinct colours repeated in each pattern, and use ethnic bedding set in a neutral shade. For a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced result when combining patterns, it is better to utilise an odd number of patterns, such as three or five. Combine various textures, such as quilting or embroidery, to give the bedding depth and intrigue.