All You Need To Know About Duvet Togs

A duvet, sometimes confused with a comforter, is a quilted blanket, filled naturally or synthetically, that serves as a good insulator, sustaining heating for a long time in severe winters.

The pillow-like structure of a duvet makes it highly comfortable and allows it to trap heat.You might wonder whether the tog is a measure of weight or material or how warm the duvet is. Duvet Tog Rating is the measure of how efficient the insulator the duvet is.

The highest tog duvet will be the most efficient insulator and will sustain heat for a prolonged time, while the low tog duvet will be a less efficient insulator.If you were planning to buy a duvet tog but was confused about which duvet tog to buy, then it is the right place for you. This blog will list a piece of detailed information about duvet togs, from duvet tog rating to duvet tog sizes. Read the article till the end to get to know the best duvet tog and make a known purchase decision while buying a duvet tog.

duvet tog fillingDuvet Tog Filling

Material that duvet tog is filled with plays a crucial role in the level of comfort, how opulent a duvet feels, and how long the duvet will sustain warmth. Filling a material selection of a duvet tog should be scrupulous. Duvet Togs presents two types of fillings, namely, natural and synthetic.

duvet tog fabric types

  • Synthetic Duvet Tog

Synthetic Duvet Togs are dominant to Natural Duvet Togs. Synthetic Duvet Togs should be your precedent choice if you are hypoallergenic, allergic to dust, feathers, and mites. Synthetic Duvet Togs absorb sweat and other wettings, so to maintain a cozy feeling. These are easy to wash and can be cleaned regularly so to prevent the creation of irritant smells.The downside of these Synthetic Duvet Togs are made from non-biodegradable material, so once disposed of, these cannot be recycled. Manufacturing companies' burn these disposed off duvet togs or either bury in landfill, which in both cases proves pernicious for our venerated ecosystem.

Synthetic Duvet togs are filled with two synthetic fibers;

  • Microfiber
  • Hollow-Fiber

Microfiber-filled Duvet Togs.

These duvet togs are made up of the finest quality microfibers. These microfibers are economical to manufacture and light in weight as compared to natural fillings. The superior quality of these microfibers gives your duvet togs a sumptuous feel.

Hollow-Fiber-filled Duvet Togs.

These duvet togs are also filled with microfibers, but the hollow fiber structure is a bit different from a traditional one. Hollow fiber comes with a hole down the centre which makes these better insulators. Hollow fibers are more durable, wiry, and firm. Hollow fiber-filled duet togs are also light in weight and more efficient insulator than microfiber, keeping warmth for a prolonged period.

  • Natural Duvet Tog

Natural Duvet togs are more durable, better insulator, breathable and warm compared to synthetic duvet togs.  Natural duvet togs are soft and create an opulent feel.Natural Duvet Togs are easily machine washable and so easy and budget-friendly to maintain.

These duvet togs are also biodegradable; hence, once disposed of, they are not harmful to the ecosystem, helping indirectly to preserve our esteemed ecosystem.Natural Duvet Togs are of five types depending on their material type; Down Filled, Feather Filled, Down & Feather Filled, silk, and wool. Although, compared to synthetic duvet togs, all these materials are better insulators and keep warmth for a long time, so less filling is needed to achieve the same duvet tog rating as synthetic duvet togs.

  • Down-Filled Duvets Togs

In comparison to synthetic fabrics, down-filled duvets provide about three times greater warmth. A duvet tog’s maximum degree of heat comes from down, which is soft, fluffy, highly sturdy, and long-lasting.Down Filled Duvet Togs are generally produced from fluffy feathers from the bird's breast area, they are lightweight and provide the most warmth.

Popular alternatives include Hungarian, Swedish, and Canadian down, which is meant to keep you warm in severely cold conditions.Check for the NOMITE® accreditation when purchasing down duvet togs if you suffer from dust mite allergies. Oxford Homeware offers duvet togs that are NOMITE certified, which means these togs are ideal for allergy patients sensitive to home dust mites.

  • Feather Filled Duvet Togs

Feathers are bigger, stronger, and more durable than down, making your duvet tog long-lasting, so you don't need to spend again and again.Feather-filled duvet togs are cheaper as compared to down duvet togs. Also, these duvet togs are more efficient and keep warmth for a prolonged period; hence they are more beneficial in severe winters. In addition, the soft fabric creates a lavish sense and gives a satisfying sleep.

  • Feather and Down Filled Duvet Togs

Most duvet togs utilize a combination of down and feathers to offer both weight and warmth. You'll get a lighter and warmer duvet with a more excellent down-to-feather ratio.

  • Silk Duvet Togs

If you suffer from allergies but still want a natural filling, then a silk-filled duvet tog is a perfect alternative for you. You can control your body temperature by keeping warm air near you in the winters and pulling it away from you in the summers by drawing air away from you.

Silk Duvet Togs are easy and economical to maintain. You don't need to spend a handsome part of your budget to keep your duvet tog; instead, these are easily home washable using daily use washing machine and can also be dry cleaned to prolong their supreme quality.

  • Wool Duvet Togs

Wool is another natural option for duvet togs filling. The chunky structure of wool helps you keep warm for a long time hence supporting the experience of premium quality sleeping.Also naturally hypoallergenic, these duvet togs help regulate body temperature by wicking away excess heat and moisture, as needed. So these wool duvet togs are also favorable for sensitive skin.

summer duvet togSeasonal Duvet Togs

Not all duvet togs can be used all year round. Some duvet togs are especially for winters, while some are for summers, and some works all year round. So, if you are confused about which one to buy, then here's a duvet tog guide to help you select which seasonal duvet tog you should buy.

  • Summer Duvet Tog

As we already know, duvet tog rating is directly proportional to the amount of warmth it can sustain. So if you are planning to buy a summer duvet tog, then you should prefer one with a lower duvet tog rating.With the finest summer duvet tog, you'll sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

Material breathability is just as crucial as duvet tog rating when it comes to summer duvets. The moisture from sweat will be able to escape more quickly from a summer duvet with high breathability. Air circulation can be up to four times better with natural duvet tog fillings like goose down than synthetic duvet tog fillings.

  • Winter Duvet Tog

For winter duvet togs, we should prefer one that creates a more warm feeling and sustains it longer. For this purpose, we should prioritize one with the highest duvet tog rating to stay warm and safe during severe winters.

Some allergy sufferers avoid natural filling duvet togs such as goose or duck feathers and down due to the slight risk of allergic responses or discomfort. On the other hand, natural duvet togs are a fantastic alternative for winter if you don't have allergies; however, they tend to be more expensive because they are luxury items.

duvet rattingDuvet Tog Ratings

Before buying a duvet tog, you should know how warm or cool it will keep you in winters and summers, respectively. Duvet tog rating measures the warmth of duvet tog, for how long and how much heat it will sustain. When making a purchase decision, duvet tog rating should be crucially considered.

  • 1 Tog Duvet - 4.5 Tog Duvet

In the summer, this duvet tog rating will keep you more relaxed because it provides less insulation. This duvet tog rating is ideal, throughout the year, for those who sleep hot or have night sweats.

  • 7.5 Tog Duvet - 10.5 Tog Duvet

In the spring and autumn, a 7.5 tog duvet to 10.5 tog duvet will keep you warm. If you live in a contemporary house with good insulation, then this duvet tog rating will keep you warm throughout the winter months as well.

These duvet tog ratings are incredibly warm and comfy for those cold winter evenings. Ideal if you live in a colder climate but excessively warm if your house is a well-insulated one.

  • 4.5 Tog Duvet and 9 Tog Duvet

The summer 4.5 tog duvet and fall 9 tog duvet may be combined to form winter 13.5 tog duvet. Buying the two duvet togs together is usually more cost-effective than buying them separately. These two duvet togs are easy to store as you can quickly put one away when you are not using it.

  • Duvet Tog Rating for Children

To prevent overheating in youngsters, we recommend a 4.5 tog single-size duvet. One should only be buying this one if they are using a full-size bed.

Efficiency and Weight of Duvet Tog Filling

It is important to note that the efficiency and weight of duvet tog filling are two different measures. Both of these dimensions can give you a fair sense of the duvet tog’s quality. The efficiency of a duvet tog is determined by how much volume the down or feather filling occupies.

The weight measure weight of a duvet tog filling.Filling efficiency tells you about the down's insulating capabilities, i.e., its "loft" and "fluffiness." Because there are more air chambers, down with a high fill efficiency, it is light, airy, and breathable.

So, efficiency is an excellent measure of the quality and efficacy of the down or feather insulation to keep you warm.As well as being lighter and more robust, a duvet tog that has a better fill efficiency will also be more durable and last longer.You may also like to visit Here's All You Should Know About The Duvet.

duvet tog sizesDuvet Tog Sizes

Duvet tog sizes in the United Kingdom are usually standardized. Before you purchase a new duvet tog, measure your duvet tog if it is not designed for the UK market. Here is a guide of UK standardizes sizing:

Single Duvet Tog: 135 x 200 cm or 54 x 78 inches
Double Duvet Tog: 200 X 200 cm or 78 x 78 inches
King size duvet: 230 x 220 cm or 90 x 86 inches

Washing a Duvet Tog

Always check the label first while you want to wash your duvet tog every four months since most natural duvet togs can only be dry cleaned. If it is appropriate for the washing machine and a particular stain has to be removed, shake off the refill and add a little detergent before putting it into the tambour. Make sure the washing machine has enough room to accommodate the duvet tog first.

washing a duvet tog

Use a regular spin to wash your duvet tog, and then let it be exposed to air until it is scorched. Then use a gently heated iron for proper drying and to kill any bacteria left. If you invest in the duvet protector or liner, you may help to keep your duvet tog cleaned for a more extended period.

These zips over the duvet tog help to keep it completely secure and extend its life, as well as to prevent allergy sufferers.If you think now you can make a known purchasing decision and are ready to buy a duvet tog, then Oxford Homeware is the best to start with.

At Oxford Homeware, we offer a wide range of superior quality duvet togs made of top-notch quality materials, making our duvet togs highly durable and unique.Click here to visit the most premium quality collection of duvet togs and get it delivered right to your doorsteps without any delays.