7 Designers' Cozy Living Room Ideas for the New Year 2023

Want a comfortable living room? While having a cosy blanket is always a benefit, you'll need more than that to change a formal space. Your living room has to be less precious and more accessible if you want it to serve as a multifunctional area that is child and pet-friendly, as well as a centre for movie marathons, game evenings, and lots of introductory talks, particularly when everyone curls up for the winter.

Even without a fireplace, there are many ways to make the room seem cosier, from plush furniture to a large coffee table that can accommodate all the mulled wine glasses. In order to create a living space that is welcoming, practical, and clutter-free without sacrificing charm, we asked ten interior designers to offer their recommendations for doing so. Learn the top 7 things you can do to make your living space comfy and trendy in 2023.

Optimise Using Integrated Options

Depending on how your life is structured and the items you decide to put within, built-in storage may alter how a room functions daily tonight. Create a secret office room in the house that is simple to lock off at the end of the day using a wall of cabinets.

The key is having a lot of internal storage space, including shelves, drawers, and mobile living room furniture, such as a file cabinet or a drinks cart for cocktail hour. Colour may also be employed to enhance an impression; in this case, we chose a vibrant, stimulating blue within the office and a tranquil, delicate pink for the outside doors.

Give Your Couch A Thorough Cleaning

A little grooming may go a long way toward making your couch seem more upscale. If you can take off the sofa cover, you may be able to clean the couch yourself, but always read the care instructions first.

However, there is a compelling case to be made that it is best to leave couch cleaning to the experts, particularly when it comes to stricter textiles like velvet, leather, or suede. The typical cost of cleaning a couch is far less than purchasing a new sofa or even new accessories.

For cleaning upholstery, steam cleaning is the way to go. The steam gently removes stains from the fabric rather than saturating it with water, which might leave water marks and harm the fibres. A couch that was previously worn out will seem like new.

Rearrange The Furniture To Allow For More Discussion

With a strong and patient helper at your side, rearranging your living room furniture is a breeze. There should be at least one personal space and a primary gathering spot. To add more seats, take a chair from the smaller cluster. A discussion area may be created by placing two identically sized couches immediately across from one another or arranging a sectional in an L or U form with a coffee table in the centre and club chairs on the opposite side. Snacks, games, puzzles, and beverages may be enjoyed at the table.

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Mix Textured Materials

Once your couch has been cleaned, consider replacing its accessories, which is a tried-and-true method for making your living room seem more premium. Your couch should simultaneously seem cosy and fashionable.

Using pillows of various sizes, beginning with huge ones at the back and stacking smaller ones on top, is a terrific method. It will be more enjoyable to use pillows with pillowcases. It combines square and rectangular ones at the front and giant square ones at the rear. Choose velvet or linen as your fabric of choice since they are both high-quality, tactile, and soft. Use any leftover fabric from your couch's reupholstery or recovery to make matching cushions. This results in a tidy, posh appearance.

Another technique to improve the appearance of your living room couch is adding the right throw. Use one of the arms to cover a soft, fluffy throw. We like to have one adequately folded and contrasting the couch and cushions in colour. You can simply change the appearance as the seasons change by layering fabrics like cushions and rugs.

Give The Light Room To Flow

Wherever it is feasible, attempt to use natural light while constructing buildings in a limited area. Add the glass partition wall to make the combined living space and kitchen seem larger and brighter while enabling the kitchen to be somewhat separated.

This may be very helpful when the light levels are lower in the winter. Additionally, a new, open-structure staircase was added, enhancing the space's lighting and serving as an intriguing centre of attention. Finally, the splashes of subdued citrus hues offer vitality and aid in defining the various zones.

Arrange Your Sofa In A Stylish Way

Paying attention to the space around your couch may improve its appearance without touching it. Ensure that the back is adequately covered with a window curtain appropriately. It might also be a painted wall, a wall covering like wallpaper or a mural, or a focal point like shelves, art, or a mirror.

Lighting may also be used to frame the couch area. A floor or table lamp, a pendant light, or a wall or wall light are all simple methods to upgrade the room. Adding plants to the space surrounding your couch and placing an area rug below it will make it seem more grounded.

A little side table may be both practical and fashionable. When placed next to a couch arm, round ones look fantastic. It is beautiful to have a spot where you and your visitor can put their drink while relaxing. Additionally, you may utilise this area to elevate the couch by adding a few books, a vase of fresh flowers, or a small table lamp for a warm light.

Be Aware Of The Finishes

Layers are essential to creating a functional and visually pleasing 2023 interior design. Add a stunning wood cocktail table, for instance, that has been wire-brushed or hand-scraped and has an intriguing stain or patina that displays a rich grain as opposed to a harsh and modern lacquer. Utilising throw blankets that encourage cuddling is another method to the layer.

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Therefore, you no longer need to employ a designer to create a modern living space since you can do it yourself now. There are several inexpensive methods to attain an expensive appearance, whether you want to buy new accessories, schedule a steam clean, or rearrange the furniture in your living room.