Soft Thick Heavy Blanket Large Red
Soft Thick Heavy Blanket Large Red
Soft Thick Heavy Blanket Large Red
Soft Thick Heavy Blanket Large Red

Soft Thick Heavy Blanket Large Red


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If you are really looking for a large sofa throw then you can visit our store because we have the maximum comfortable throws. We have a wide range of designs and colors in the stock. You can select the throw according to your room/gallery color and interior to make your room/gallery more charming. Our sofa throws are larger in size and your sofa will cover it from all sides easily. The blankets will add more to the softness & the beauty of your sofas. The blankets are larger in size even if you can cover your feet. Our product quality & color schemes will satisfy all your needs. The supreme quality lasts longer than you can use our products for a long period without getting them ripped, weary, or faded.


  • Made of highly and pure luxurious and upper soft polyester. Its blended fabric construction makes the piece soft touch and durable.
  • Blankets are available in ten different colors combinations. Burgundy & red, grey & red, green & gold, and beige & brown are the best-selling ones.
  • The colors of our products will never be roughed, it gives you a long look at the new products.
  • Our sofa throws and blankets are larger with an amazing graphics and subliminal message. Cozy and luxuriant faux fur blanket made of a soft and durable acrylic which provide wear and tear resistant. 


Available in 200 cm x 240 cm size only. 

Washing and care instructions:

  • Washable in washing machines by using the gentle detergent, cold water or normal temperature  of water maximum of 40 degrees C.
  • You can use the softener to make it much softer or make it a real touch. Do not use bleach because the bleach can affect the color and softness.