bathroom shower curtain
bathroom shower curtain
bathroom shower curtain

Waterproof Grey Shower Bathroom Curtain


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Shower Curtains both enhance your privacy protection and protects your bathroom from moisture coming from the shower area. At Oxford Homeware, we offer these elevated quality shower curtains with elegant stripes to enhance your bathing area's elegance.

Oxford Homeware is always known for the quality we deliver. We offer these shower curtains with 100% vinyl material finished with great care and perfection to deliver a premium quality product. Equipped with excellent quality material, these vinyl shower curtains are highly durable with anti-allergic and anti-fungus capabilities to ensure you stay safe from any allergies from the bathing area.

We offer these shower curtains in two colours, two mixed in with your bathroom colour. At Oxford Homeware, you can now select from Grey Shower Curtains and White shower curtains according to the perfect match with your space.

These white and grey shower curtains are now available in two standard sizes to fit in perfectly with your bathing space. Our sizing range includes a Shower curtain 200 x 200& a Shower curtain 180 x 200.

Shower Curtains come in close contact with moistures and so get stained frequently. One should wash these shower curtains often to maintain the hygiene and refreshing feel. We present washable shower curtains that are both washable and can be cleaned with a damped cloth to enjoy the enchanting feel of these shower curtains.


PACKAGE INCLUDES: A pair of curtains.
SIZES: (180 cm x 180 cm) (180 cm x 200 cm)
COLORS: Grey & white
MATERIAL: 100% vinyl
WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Washable or simply clean with a damp cloth after showering.

Give your shower area an elegantly modernistic feel with these stripped Waterproof Shower Curtains from Oxford Homeware.
• Contemporarily Feel: We offer these Waterproof Shower Curtains with elegant striped patterns, which will give your shower area a futuristic feel.
• Upgraded Privacy: These Grey Stripe Shower Curtains come with exceptional thickness, giving an upgrade to the level of privacy of your shower area.
Environment Friendly
Oxford Homeware presents to you these environment-friendly Vinyl Waterproof Shower Curtains. We offer these grey shower curtains with fungus-resistant material, keeping any fungus and algae away, protecting your delicate skin.
Premium Quality Material
• Oxford Homeware always aims at delivering world-class quality. We offer these waterproof grey shower curtains with top-notch quality 100% pure vinyl. The use of supreme quality material makes these curtains highly durable and equip these with waterproof features.
• We have made the installation process quite effortless with the eyelet heading style of these incredibly lightweight Waterproof Grey Shower Curtains. Pass your curtain pole through the classic eyelet rings, and you are ready to go!
Colours Selection
Oxford Homeware always deliver products that will instantly elevate your space feel. These magnificently luxurious waterproof shower curtains comes in a two elegant colours. You can select between grey and white shower curtains.
Broad Sizing Range
These Waterproof Shower Curtains come in a range of two standard sizes. These standard sizes will fit in perfectly with your shower area, enhancing your space's elegance and adding a sense of perfection, along with complete privacy protection.
Washing Instructions
Washing of these tremendous Waterproof Shower Curtains is an easy breezy process. You can wipe these curtains with a slightly damp cloth to get the new refreshing feel, or these curtains can also be tumble dried to remove any stains.