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Our jacquard curtains are famous for their opulent and artistic look. They create beautiful and astonishing fall when hung properly which makes them the best selling product of our store. Our Jacquard curtains have a special weaving design that creates a crisscross of yarn creating beautiful linings which proves to be very subtle. 

Our ideal weave type, GSM and thread count results in textured and top notch heavy Jacquard curtains. These patterns are visible to naked eye which offers an effortlessly beautiful look. Our Jacquard curtains are heavy & are made from microfiber which is weaved in a way that creates a neat and finest overall look. We have a huge range of curtain's styles and designs that'll introduce a high end and opulent appeal to your place. Moreover, our jacquard curtains come in eyelet or ring headings style which offer an easy and hassle free installation and maintenance. These curtains are versatile and can be used to upgrade your living room, office, conference room, bedroom, and dining room. 


  • Size Availability: we have 2 standard sizes available in the stock. These sizes include 66×72" and 90×90". 
  • Fabric Material: 100% pure microfiber is used for making the curtains. 
  • Heading Style: Eyelet or ring heading styles are available in this category.
  • Color Availability: we are offering 5 different colors including cream, black, grey, beige, teal, and taupe colors.
  • Washing instructions: curtains can be washed by machine using a gently cycle at 40°C.
  • Curtain’s set: our curtains come in pairs. Each pair includes 2 curtains panels and 2 matching tie-backs.
  • Quality: we are offering high quality 220 GSM curtains.
  • Functionality: Versatile and can be used in the dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and conference rooms.
  • Matching sets: Matching Bedspread also available.